Hi, I am Burdock, My latin name is Arctium lappa.


I am anti-fungal, adaptogenic, antibiotic and psychological I am good for people who worry excessively about the future.

My roots are mildly laxative, a gentle diuretic, diaphoretic, anti rheumatic and antibiotic, In France, my fresh root is used for lowering blood sugar, my inulin content making me particularly suitable for diabetics. In Asia, my root fiber has been demonstrated to protect rats from the toxicity of various food colouring.

My seeds are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, relaxing, demulcent, tonic and may reduce blood sugar levels. In China my seeds, (niu bang zi), are used to dispel 'wind and heat evils', and to treat the eruptions of measles, sore throats, unproductive coughs, tonsillitis, colds and influenza. Seeds-"release the periphery" (open the pores of the skin to let out toxins).

I have been used for arthritis, gout, rheumatism, boils, sties, seborrhoea, cystitis, anaemia, anorexia nervosa, psoriasis, acne, eczema, reducing cholesterol, dry skin, loss of hair, liver acne (pimples singular, small and large), and prostate disorders

My root acts slower then my seeds. They are better for chronic conditions.

Externally I may be used as a compress or poultice to speed up the healing of wounds, ulcers, eczema and psoriasis, although it is important to address the underlying imbalance at the same time. 

I was once known as Beggar Buttons, the original Velcro.

Psychological I am good for people who worry excessively about the future.

Caution, my seeds contain very irritating hairs that get everywhere and are hard to get rid of.

Excessive use may cause a problem in people with serious toxic conditions or people whose eliminatory channels are wanting, therefore dosage should be small initially and gradually increased.