Hellooo Numen: The Healing Power of Plants…

Plants have been around for over 400 million years. That alone garners some mad respect, right? They lap dinosaurs by 200 million years for crying out loud! So it would make sense that they have a lot to teach and share with us about life. So why, then, are we underestimating and underusing these amazing sources for healing? It’s true that we as Canadians have access to some of the best medical care in the world, and man, am I ever glad it’s there when I need it! But plants have been around longer than I can even wrap my head around. Perhaps it’s time we give credit where credit is due and give them a chance before we leap to our North American medical system for help. We can be a part of changing our thought process around the way we think about North American medicine and alternative health remedies. We don’t have to choose one or the other, so why not reap the benefits of both? Instead of continuing to be enemies, they can be allies and work together.

My journey into Iridology began over 10 years ago in Ontario with an appointment for a personal Iridology analysis. Since then, in some way or another, this journey has been closely linked to the use of herbs. So it made total sense to me to expand my knowledge of herbalism after completing my Iridology course. The two modalities work so well together! It’s through the study of herbalism that I was introduced to the film “Numen.” “Numen” (a term used to describe an animating or magical force in something), is a documentary primarily focused on the healing power of plants, but in the film they bring up many other thought provoking ideas and themes. I’m not new to the world of herbs, but I had never given much thought as to why they make sense and why people continue to use them as their (often primary) health aid. 

So where and how do we begin? For me, this question felt so overwhelming – I didn’t know where to start. I knew I wanted to change the way that I interacted with the world (specifically plants and herbs) around me, but I felt like if I couldn’t do it all, then it wasn’t worth doing anything. I learned that you need to start with small pieces, one thing at a time (and quite possibly a couple of failures as well… my first garden attempt was a disaster.) And guess what, the creators of “Numen” are so great, they’ve even given you a list of 10 ideas that you can do now to start expanding your plant and herb world! (You can click here for the list.) #1 on their list? It’s “Learn to identify three medicinal plants you don't already know that grow in your region and learn their uses.”

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