Trace Elements in Amanitas

Fungi have important biogeochemical roles in the biosphere and are intimately involved in the cycling of elements and transformations of both organic and inorganic substrates (Gadd, 2007; Fig. 1).  The research area of geomycology is focused on the interactions of fungi with their geological environment.

Many macrofungal species are capable of accumulating high concentrations of various trace elements including toxic heavy metals (Hg, Cd), alkali metals (Rb, Cs), noble metals (Ag, Au), and metalloids (As, Se) in fruit-bodies and thereby affect elemental geochemical cycling.

It has been repeatedly demonstrated that a specific element accumulation by particular fungus is often species-dependent and represents a distinctive feature of particular species (or closely related group of species).  Amanitas represent an interesting group of fungi with a notable ability to accumulate some elements in fruit-bodies.  A multi-element study of 7 European Amanita species was published by Vetter 

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