Foraging news from a grandfather forager - How to eat maple seeds & blossoms

I love everything about the maple. The flower essence is the drama remedy. It's message for anyone obsessed with drama but constantly whining is, "cut the shit, you love the drama, get into it or stop whining."

The tree is also a good communicator. Years ago a maple told my freind that it would be coming down. Later that night around midnight there was a loud sound like a gun shot and the tree gently laid itself over the cabin my friend was sleeping in. That is why we call our work awareness and herbs. Wake up and listen to the plants.

Below are a couple of links to some articles I found on eating the maple.

How to Eat Maple Seeds

If you have a maple tree, you probably get an overflow of their seeds once a year. The good news is, these are edible.[1] When cooked, they taste like a cross between peas and hominy.[2] They can also be eaten raw or dried and thrown in a salad. Follow these steps for the best flavor.

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Ever eat a maple blossom?

Personally I love to munch on the young fresh green buds. I ahve also made a delicous Tai Curry out of more developed buds. Here is a link to other eating ideas.

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