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Bokashi Composting

A fast, easy way to compost ALL of your food scraps.

Bokashi is an anaerobic (no air) decomposition process. It is fermentation, think "pickles," "wine," or "yogurt."  It is simple to do, provides fast results, puts off little to no smell, and can be convenient for all homes. You can compost all of your food scraps right in your own kitchen, garage, or patio. Bokashi means "Fermented matter" in Japanese and has been practiced by farmers in Japan for centuries. Only recently has Bokashi made it's way to the U.S.

Composting In Your City

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Bokashi VS Bio-digester

While the end result is similar, there are several key differences between the Bokashi method and the Bio-digester method. The main difference is that Bokashi uses beneficial microbes, or living microscopic celluar organisms, while traditional composting uses heat and soil microbes to break down plant matter. The Bokashi method allows you to compost all of your food scraps, and not just the plant based food waste. This results in higher quality compost that has more nutrients and beneficial microbes for your soil.

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