Creating an Ecosystem with the Fungi Garden using cardboard, fungi, woodchips, a bit of soil, some seeds and plants

A fungi garden is a food garden consisting of wood chips, newspaper, soil, edible fungi, and vegetables or herbs. Imagine turning any area including a deficient or damaged area into a thriving ecosystem complete with everything from microorganisms, plants, insects, birds, animals and people using primarily wood chips and fungi.

Welcome to the Fungi Garden workshop! Using a carefully calculated organization of wood chips and fungi in a properly chosen location we create the foundation of our future ecosystem. By the addition of some seeds, a bit of soil and whatever plants we want to plant we set the stage for the creation of life. As the spawn breaks down the carbon in the chips and releases oxygen, the seeds and plants begin to use these to grow. Once the spawn fruits and produces its fruits (mushrooms) the insects discover them and eventually lay their larvae in them. Then the birds discover the larvae and while feasting leave behind rich droppings of nitrogen adding to the primordial bed of fertility. Once there is food available in the way of mushrooms, plants and birds, larger animals and people enter the system. Now we have a complete ecosystem. That is why we create Fungi Gardens.

Come out and join us in this hands-on experience of soil creation and (sometimes) restoration when we re-invigorate damaged earth. It normally takes 100 to 500 years to form 1 inch of topsoil but we can greatly speed up the process while reaping rich rewards, if we introduce the right fungi.

This mushroom is mycoryhzial and will benefit the plants hugely. What happens is that the mycelium will colonize on the roots of your plants and will aid in the expansion of the root ball. Acting as the plants root system the mycelia give nitrogen to the plant in return for the carbohydrates and sugars produced by the plant. Also during fruiting the mycelia provide phosphorous to the plant in return the plant provides proteins to the mycelium.

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