Mountain Rose Herbs: Review Exposes Bulk Supplier of Certified Organic Herbs and Botanical Products - Press Release - Digital Journal

Mountain Rose Herbs was founded in 1987 by respected and published herbalist and educator, Rosemary Gladstar. Since its beginning, the company has seen a variety of owners and has since relocated from California to Oregon, but has always remained committed to the core principles it was founded on, which include ethical business practices, friendly service, and quality herbs. Today, Mountain Rose Herbs sells hundreds of products that are made from the botanicals they grow in the rich soil at their farm. In addition to traditional organic herbs and spices, Mountain Rose Herbs also offers teas, aromatherapy and essential oils, butters, oils, clays and cosmetic salts, a variety of bath and body care products, along with natural health products like salves, capsules, sprays and more. Beyond culinary and wellness products, Mountain Rose Herbs also sells home and garden products, along with gifts and containers and packaging for their bulk herbs. All of the products from Mountain Rose Herbs come with a freshness guarantee, and go through a rigorous quality control process to ensure that each customer receives exceptional products.

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