Mix it up with simple syrups at cocktail hour

herbal syrups.jpg

Perrier’s current favourite is lemon verbena syrup for jazzing up gin and tonic. In winter, he buys dried lemon verbena leaves in bulk at the health food store and steeps them in boiling water to extract their flavour. But in summer, he turns to fresh herbs when he can find bunches at the market.

Also in his fridge right now is a bottle of pink-tinged syrup made with South African rooibos tea, cinnamon and cloves, which he shakes with spiced rum and Dubonnet for a jewel-toned cocktail. There’s ginger syrup, too, for his intense Dark and Stormy cocktail, a huge hit at Buvette Ludger on Notre-Dame St. in St-Henri, where he tends bar.