Skin Brushing, a Million Dollar Health Secret for $20

Skin Brushing

Feeling takes place in the second layer of skin. The top layer is mainly composed of dead skin cells. That is why you will often see safe crackers filing down their finger tips to make them more sensitive. You will enjoy the new sense of pleasure that you experience after skin brushing regularly.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and occupies the largest sensory portion of the brain. It weighs from six to ten pounds. It is the major eliminative organ that removes up to one-third of the impurities of the body! When the skin is clogged it puts strain on the liver and kidneys.

When skin brushing use a skin brush, loofah or ayate cloth (a rough cloth). Brush the body with firm motions from the feet up to the head. Avoid the sensitive parts of the body, the face, inner thighs and breasts. Brush for a short time (five to ten minutes), then rinse the dead skin particles off in the shower.

Skin brushing makes the skin alive. Brings blood to the surface and activates the nerve endings all over the body. After a session of brushing and showering try putting aloe vera juice on the skin. It contributes to the acid mantle of the skin. If you have very dry skin then apply a natural oil. Coconut oil is good as it washes out of clothing afterward.

Skin brush daily and remember to wear natural fibres for clothing such as cotton, wool and silk. Synthetic clothing is hard on your skin because it doesn't allow it to breathe. Now that your skin is alive experience more with the wonderful sensation of touch. Let the sun and the wind caress your skin. Spend more time naked if you are comfortable with that. Be sure to touch your loved ones often to assure them of your love. Touch is a stronger communicator than words.

Do This!

Exercise 60 • Skin Brushing with a Twist

Brush one half of your body (left or right) from your feet to your head but not your head. Set your brush down for a couple minutes and sense how you feel. After brush the other half .

  • Record skin brushing experience:

This activates the different hemispheres of the brain. Brushing the left side activates the right brain. Brushing the right side activates the left brain.

from Pathways to Healing, a Guide to Herbs, Ayurveda, Dreambody and Shamanism by Don Ollsin