Parsley Benefits: More than a simple garnish

Benefits of parsley as food…

The medicinal benefits of parsley can be partially attributed to it's nutrient content. 

Parsley vitamins

Parsley is really high in nutrients, notably Vitamin K, Vitamin C and Vitamin A. It is especially high in Vitamin K, which is strongly tied to heart health and healthy bones. 

Parsley has minerals galore including a good supply of iron. It’s high in folic acid, which helps relive stress by strengthening the nervous system. Parsley is well known for strengthening the functioning of the kidneys. 

-Robin Rose Bennett 

Plant Healer Magazine Volume II Issue IV

If you want to get the most medicinal benefits of parsley as food, forget simply eating a small sprig once in awhile. Instead, eat large amounts of fresh parsley in salads and sauces. 

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