Kid-friendly ways to incorporate herbs into meals - The Washington Post

The vacation house we recently inhabited had a pot of fresh herbs outside the kitchen door, where my daughter liked to sit, blow bubbles and play in the grass. One day, she started ripping the leaves off the basil and parsley and heartily eating them. I know I should have rushed to stop her since they were not our pots, but I was secretly delighted. I gain such satisfaction from seeing any of my children eat any green leafy vegetable, even if those vegetables are not technically ours to eat.

Ounce per ounce, there is as much nutrition, or more, in raw parsley as there is in lettuce, so her unconscious back-door snacking was a win-win. In fact, parsley has 33 times the amount of vitamin C, 16 times the amount of vitamin K, six times the amount of iron and four times the amount of calcium as lettuce.

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