Along with the study of Ayurveda I also began studying the teachings of Dr. Arnold Mindell, originally called Dreambody (DB). Dreambody is now called Process Oriented Psychology (POP). Dr. Mindell is a Jungian psychologist and quantum physicist. DB is sometimes referred to as a daughter of Jungian psychology. By combining DB with Ayurveda I have designed learning experiences that move a student through the experience of the elements which also include the dreaming pathways (channels) of auditory, visual, feeling, movement, smell, relationship, community, environment and spirit from DB. This unique combining of systems may facilitate life changing moments in a student’s life. I offer this knowledge to help my reader understand the challenge and scope of my teaching. The goals of my curriculum are not so much breadth as depth or information as transformation. My first program was called the Healing Journey and my intention was to provide healing opportunities for my students.

In DB, Mindell views symptoms as the body dreaming that can also be found simultaneously in a person’s dreams, fantasies, work, and relationships. He teaches that symptoms, although painful or irritating, may also be wonderful sources of healing, creativity, and useful new information.  Mindell’s goal is to unlock the symptom using different keys like art, dance, song, or storytelling.  I also employ these keys in my experiential exercises to help unlock the mysteries in these ancient systems like Ayurveda and Shamanism. In his first publication of the dreambody Mindell references the roots of Ayurveda and Shamanism (Mindell, 1998). 

What dreams is your body dreaming?

A symptom can be a body dreaming. Unlock the message behind the symptom and the symptom may change.

Do you want to talk to your body?

Yes! We have lost the knowledge of the dreaming body and communicating with it.

Why study dreambody?

Dreaming is a source of creativity and healing. Working with your dreaming body can unlock creative energy.