Winter Activity - Childhood Dream


Dream time is very important. Winter was the season indigenous cultures went inside to dream, dance and enact their rituals. In the Pacific Northwest where I live, the natives have their bighouse for this purpose. Winter is naturally a time we have less light and warmth to tempt us outside. It is healthy to go with the natural rhythm of the season. Find a cozy spot to relax, sleep and dream.

Go to bed early and get up late. Seek inner warmth with family and friends. Keep warm (especially the kidneys). Communicate your feelings. Ayurveda suggests that it is the best time for sexual relations. A healing activity for body and soul.

Childhood Dream:

A strong recurring dream or strong memory that affected us during our childhood.

Some may have been disturbing while others may have been exhilarating.

Do This!

Exercise 3 • Childhood dream

Reflect back to your early childhood to find the first strong dream that you remember. Mine is " I am sitting in a very large building. It is dim in the building. I sit on the ground. A huge rope hangs down and swings hypnotically, back and forth." The strong part of the dream is the feeling that it evokes. I loved and feared that dream as it repeated itself often during my childhood.

When you have found your dream or memory spend time meditating on it. Maybe draw it, preferably in colour (big crayons are great) and write down any important words that capture the energy of the dream. Meditate on it again and pay attention to any feelings it evokes. Expand those feelings into small movements. Slowly increase the movements by increasing their range and tempo to the extent that is comfortable. Movement is challenging but often rewarding. If you have a willing partner then discuss the dream with them.

  • Draw your childhood dream:

Winter is a good time to do the childhood dream exercise.