Season Awareness Day - Winter Solstice


This is the season when water is the dominant element. It is the time of feelings, a deep Yin time. Winter is the time to replenish yourself and bring all the constitutions into balance. This is the best time to rest and search for the clarity you need to visualize the year ahead. Use the flow chart and the flow paradigm (coming in future email) to help you in making your choices.

Do This! 

Exercise 79 • Exploring the First Day of Winter

Plan to spend part of your day on or close to December 21st outside. Walk around and observe your environment. Check out the plants, animals, birds and people. Sense the play of the elements at this time. 

  • How do you experience the decrease of fire in your environment and body?

  • How is the shortening of the day affecting your mood and sleep patterns?

  • Do you feel more or less energetic?

  • What kind of thoughts or fantasies fill your mind during these early days of winter? 

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