Flow Paradigm

So, lately, the inner path has been challenging and I am still not certain what makes it that way or exactly what I can do to change it. I use different tools and techniques on different days. As far as daily well being I enjoy and often use the Flow Paradigm.  

Mihály Csíkszentmihályi's simple chart on the conditions of flow help me see where I am at in my relationship of challenge to skill. Right now my two big challenges, contracting building a house and figuring out Internet marketing are high in the challenge side and low in the skill side, so I experience more anxiety & worry.

Hopefully as my skills develop I will experience more arousal and flow. My challenge is that I like challenges so I often find myself anxious and worried as I grow into the skills to meet the challenge. I experience more flow teaching, as I love to teach because I find it challenging and I have developed the skills to enjoy it.


"A paradigm is what you think before you start thinking"

Don Ollsin MA, Master Herbalist

MA in Environmental Education and Communication. 

Culinary Graduate - Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver