Anami - the nameless one


When I was in India as a young man I had this wonderful experience around words. I woke up one morning in the ashram pondering the thought "how does a preverbal child spell the word love?" The longer I pondered it, the more intoxicated I became. As I was musing on this I wandered over to my teachers residence. It has a beautiful courtyard surrounding the house and a gate keeper to let people in. As I was standing outside the gate in the early morning sun, a small child toddled by toward the gate. The gate keeper seeing the child, opened the gate and the toddler toddled in. The gatekeeper looked at me and beckoned me to follow, so I did. The child walked through the entrance, salon and into the bedroom where my teacher was sitting on the bed doing correspondence. I had followed and was standing in the back of the room. Kirpal lifted his head from his correspondence and smiled at the child, who smiled back in return. I had my answer.