Student attunement to a yew tree

Warning: Yew needles are very toxic and should not be used internally.

Hi Don!

I thought I would share my plant attunement with a yew tree with you….

This tree had caught my eye many times, it was different then anything I had seen and it intrigued me. I didn’t know what it was. And then a friend mentioned that there was a yew tree and pointed in its direction which I could not decipher from a distance. Days later as I was sitting on the beach wrapped up in a blanket with my tea and your herbal healing book (Pathways to Healing, a Guide to Herbs, Ayurveda, Dreambody and Shamanism by Don Ollsin) in hand, I read through the shamanism section. I thought it was about time I truly did a plant attunement following Don’s steps. The two connected that the mysterious tree could be the yew tree so that is where it began.

I observed it and these words are what came to me: large, nonuniform, lumpy, branching out, flaky bark like arbutus, brown, red underneath, warts all over with little twigs with needles growing out, soft yet prickly.

I leaned my back against it, it told me it can be used for cancer, (they use its needles). I felt light and excited - like there were butterflies in my heart. Now that I reflect on it further maybe it can be used to help with relieving burden, to feel energized about life, to feel renewed. I am excited to dive into this deeper with the yew.

As I heightened my consciousness and filled myself with love from the 3 levels of awareness (see blog post Body Symptoms and Dreaming) I felt full of love and asked to join with the yew trees energy. I then felt so much more love and felt even lighter. I asked it if it had anything to share with me. It said I love you, you are doing good, keep following your heart. I smiled and said thank you and asked once more if it had anything else to share with me and it said visit me more often. I then embraced it more by placing my hand in front of my heart and then against the tree. I rested my head on the tree, it was prickly yet I found a comfy spot. I kissed the tree a few times and then wrapped my arms around it and stroked it with my hands. I felt so supported, full of love, and taken care of. So similar to when my partner and I connect. This made tears come to my eyes… how beautiful it is to feel this incredible connection with a tree. I then asked if I could write about my experience. It said yes and that I should lean against it and so I did. I shared my gratitude with the yew.

Thank you Don for showing us this way of connecting. I am excited to continue in this direction.

Alexandra Nathan, Online student of Don's Herbal Mentorship Program

Intercultural Shamanism Plant-Spirit-Medicine-Workshop

June 24 & 25, 2017