Life Direction, Process Work and Bach Flower Remedies

Life Direction, Process Work and Bach Flower Remedies

You doubt that this job is the right or best direction for you. You choose Wild Oat, a Bach remedy that is used for people who are suffering because they are unhappy with their life direction and the conflict is not allowing them to fully attend to the present. You also chose to apply the flower essence to the “gate of life” acupuncture point. Find out what happens.

Focusing (Emotional Healing)

Focusing by Eugene Gendlin, PH.D

Felt sense. Feeling or sensing something with your body. Much larger and more vague than an emotion. An overall body feeling. Touching a problem, issue or concern with your body and sensing\feeling how it responds. Deeper than the thinking mind more like a body mind.

Tasting it with your whole body.

Six steps of Focusing:

1. Clearing a space.

            Say, I feel wonderful and wait for something to come up. Feel\sense what comes up then put it to the side for now.

            If that was resolved what would come into my body? Give it time to surface. Repeat the above.

            Now I feel wonderful. If you get to an open good feeling you may want to spend the session enjoying a refreshing break from these problems for awhile. If not then pick one problem and move to step two.

2. The felt sense.

            Bring the problem up in front of you and ask what is it "all about" this problem and allow at least 30 seconds for your body to respond with a body feeling. When you have the body feeling, say hello to it. Ask it if it is OK to spend some time with it.

3. Finding a handle.

            When you have established contact with a distinct body feeling look for a word, phrase or picture that fits the body feeling. eg. cramped. closed in or a ball and chain. When you feel you have a handle then let go of the body feeling for a bit and then use the handle to bring it back.

4. Resonating.

            Practice letting go and bringing it back a few times.

5. Asking.

            Become the felt sense and see the problem\situation from it's point of view. Ask it "what is the worst of this?" "What does this felt sense need?" "Is there an emotional quality to it?" If so "what gets it so....? When you get a definite answer you will feel a slight shift in the felt sense.

6. Receiving.

            Ask the felt sense what "all OK would feel like". Ask it to show you what "all OK would feel like. Spend a little time absorbing the body feeling, accepting what your body gives you. Ask it if it is OK to leave soon or does it have something else it wants to communicate. If not, thank it and assure it that you will be back. You can use the handle to get you started during your next session.

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