For those students who want to mentor with Don Ollsin - Master Herbalist, they need to gain the foundational knowledge offered in our Foundational Herbal Course.

The Herbal Mentorship Collective:

Your own personal mentor, someone who will honestly evaluate where you are at in your herbal journey and then encourage and support you to set attainable goals and help you to achieve them.

A Mentor:

  • who can answer your questions and quell your concerns.

  • who can help you build confidence, because he has traveled the herbal path and was able to support himself and raise three children, as a full-time practicing herbalist.

  • who opened, owned and operated an herbal store, clinic and dispensary for 18 years and helped thousands of clients and customers.

  • who can offer guidance in how you can apply and grow your own herbal healing knowledge and practice.

  • help you stay connected to the seasons and be aware of which herbs are ready to be harvested and why you would want them in your medicine collection.

  • become part of a dynamic collective of mentees who are devoted to bettering themselves and supporting each other in their learning, practice and healing.

  • gain the opportunity to become a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild, if that is your path.

“The mentorship program is unlike any teaching I have had in the past in that it is self-directed and experiential. Aside from the end goal of becoming a registered herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild, the support of the collective adds a collaborative and co-creative learning experience, and the one-on-one sessions I receive from Don provides that extra personalized support I was needing. I highly recommend this service to anyone wishing to take their herbal studies to a new level.”
— Brittny Legere, Herbal Mentorship Collective

Herbal Mentor, Don Ollsin

As a professional herbalist (one of only 250 in North America registered with the American Herbalists Guild - AHG), author and process-oriented educator since 1972, Don Ollsin now wishes to pass down the experience of his lifetime to a new generation of budding herbalists. Because of his love of the earth, his students, and teaching he is now offering a personal mentoring service. This is for those who wish to learn the art and science of herbalism.

For Don, herbs are not just another means to a medical end; he views them more as his friends, allies, and creations of beauty. As an herbal elder he teaches about herbs, while incorporating earth sciences such as Shamanism and Ayurveda that directly connect students to the plants, the elements and the dream time. His interest in modern science like the extracellular matrix and process-oriented psychology (dreambody) has also shaped his work for over 45 years.

Having attained a Master's degree in Environmental Education and Communication in 2013, he is now even better equipped to help not just the planet, which he cares passionately about, but also his Earth-loving students. True health is achieved when both your inner and outer environments are life sustaining. When we employ natural remedies we not only benefit the person but also the earth. This is sustainable medicine.

The one thing I wish I had done earlier in my career was to find a reliable, knowledgeable mentor.
— Don Ollsin

As a mentor, his goal is not just to guide you through the motions; he will be responsible for your educational growth in various fields like Herbalism, Ayurveda, Shamanism, Dreambody, Extracellular matrix, Biology of perception and the Zero point field (sentience).

Mentoring, unlike coaching, is a deeper process that focuses on the growth of an individual not just in one area of their life, but in all areas of life.

Essentially, by being your mentor, they will also counsel, and guide you through the process of self-actualization and help you to overcome your challenges, fears and conflicts around practicing herbalism.

Mentorship is a long-term commitment between the mentor and the mentee, allowing time to impart and document learning\training. It will involve everything concerning your professional development as an herbalist.

Don’s mentoring process is geared towards providing guidance from his 50 years of personal experiences with healing.

Herbal Wisdom from an Herbal Elder:

  • Learning herbs need not be hard, boring, lonely, scary, or complicated. Being mentored makes it exciting, gets you there faster and easier, keeps you focused on your goal and helps you achieve it.

  • Traditionally, herbal knowledge has been transmitted orally from teacher to student. A seasoned, mature mentor transmits much of his\her wisdom through direct contact. We offer personalized one-on-one sessions with each mentee as well as group work.

  • Only when you seriously and consistently apply yourself to your herbal studies will you become a professional herbalist. A mentor can help keep you on task. It will be more challenging to advance in your herbal study and practice without a mentor and positive group support.

  • A mentor will get to know you and your goals and offer clear guidance on how you can grow into the kind of herbalist you want to be.

  • We all go through tough personal issues from time to time. A mentor will be there to comfort you when needed or give you encouragement, motivation and challenge when that is what is needed.

  • A mentor will not only show you what to learn, they will also help you learn how to learn. We are not taught how to learn in school. Learning how to learn is one of the most rewarding pursuits in life and Don loves sharing this with his mentees. A mentor can help make learning fun and rewarding. Learning herbs can be rewarding, profitable, healing and enriching.

  • A seasoned mentor knows the ins and outs of the professional and personal herbal terrains and can help you find opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

  • A mentor will guide you to the resources that you didn't or wouldn't even know existed like books, trustworthy websites and important teachers.

  • A mentor can save you a lot of time and money by keeping you focused on your goals while using your life as your training ground.


Ellen White, Coast Salish Elder

“The recipient of Don Ollsin’s teachings would have a better life as they would understand their inner strength. He would not only be teaching them herbs and their usefulness but also about inner strength, energy, and being a whole human. I have seen Don Ollsin turn students around to very calm, vibrant, understanding people. They were able to find their self-esteem. I know some of them are still working in the field of helping others from what they have learned from Don Ollsin. Through knowing Don and working with him for all these years I would recommend him to be instructor in herbal medicines and self help.”
— Ellen White, Coast Salish Elder

We need a whole new generation of herbalists because:

  • Herbs are very important, medicinally, culturally and socio-economically.

  • Herbs heal gently yet powerfully.

  • Herbs are beautiful and inspiring.

  • Herbs are a necessary and important part of our healthcare.

  • Herbs are safe, widely available and can be either cultivated or wild-crafted.

Herbs are medicine for the people. They cannot be patented and owned by corporations. Herbs are grassroots medicine and we need grassroots herbalists, professionally trained to do herbal wellness consultations and to potentially be recognized as professional members of the American Herbalists Guild to continue this vital tradition.

Cost: $97.00CAD ($72US) per month until August 30, 2019. New price will be $97US.

Become a part of the collective.



Phone: +1 (250) 592-7544 (Tuesday - Friday 11 - 4 PM PST)

Becoming a part of The Herbal Mentorship Collective you will:

  • Initial one-to-one personal mentoring session with Don Ollsin

  • Two live webinars a month

  • Membership in our Grassroots Herbalism Learning Community.

  • Develop your own Materia Medica (a Latin medical term for the body of collected knowledge about the therapeutic properties of any substance used for healing i.e., medicines)

  • Learn how to do wellness consultations

  • Develop your confidence in giving herbal advice

  • If it is your goal you can begin preparation to become a professional Registered Herbalist with The American Herbalists Guild

If you have more questions about the collective, check out our FAQ page.

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Proud supporters of United Plant Savers