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    Master Herbalist, Don Ollsin is one of 250 herbalists registered with the American Herbalists Guild and one of only 20 professional members who offers mentoring services. He has been studying, practicing and teaching herbalism for almost five decades. He is a pioneer in the field of herbal medicine and was honoured in 2015 as an Herbal Elder of Canada by the Canadian Council of Herbalist Associations.


Find out about more about our Online Course, which includes: Herbs, Medicine Making, Herb Gardens, Herbal Politics, Ayurveda, Dreambody and Shamanism.

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Maybe you are:

  • A gardener who wants to add healing herbs to her garden and learn how to transform them into safe, useful medicines.
  • An environmentalist who understands the damage done to our environment by the manufacture and disposal of synthetic pharmaceuticals (pills).
  • A holistic healer who loves the idea of having a more intimate understanding of herbs and the natural environment around you.
  • An herbal student who has dabbled in herbs and possibly taken a few classes (or maybe even a more extensive herbal program), but you wish to deepen your studies and starting applying your learning.
  • A mother who wants to learn herbs online so that she can do her studies comfortably at the times that work for her. You want more contact with other mothers and adults. You want to bring natural healing into your home, community and know how to use herbs safely for healing.
  • A massage therapist, energy worker or other body worker who wants to add herbs to her practice.
  • A wounded healer, someone who’s been through some tough times in life and and needs their own self-healing. You find nature to be incredibly healing and you want to learn more, so you can help other wounded women heal.
  • A yoga student who wants to understand the subtle effects of herbs, foods, seasons, tastes, and weather on their body and mind.
  • A nurse, or other healthcare professional who wants to explore alternative methods of healing.
  • A cook who wants to incorporate herbs and healing into their cooking.

To sum it up, this is for all sincere healers and...

  • You can heal yourself while learning how to help others heal.
  • Learning and healing can be fun & enjoyable.
  • You can develop your passion into a profession.

About Don Ollsin:

Don's journey with herbs began in 1969, and he has been walking the path of a grassroots herbalist for over 45 years. He followed his passion for healing and raised three kids working as a full-time herbalist. He opened and operated an herbal dispensary, Self-Heal Herbs, for eighteen years and has been teaching herbalism since 1972. His innate love of learning comes across in his teachings. He provides students with the guidance they need on their journey as healers.

As a mentor, his goal is not just to guide you through the motions; he will be responsible for your educational growth in various fields like Western Herbalism, Medicine Making, Herbal Gardening, Herbal Politics and Herbal Consulting complemented with Ayurveda, Dreambody and Shamanism. Mentoring, unlike coaching, is a deeper process that focuses on the growth of an individual not just in one area of life but in all areas of life.

Pathways to Healing: A guide to Herbs, Ayurveda, Dreambody and Shamanism by Don Ollsin is the textbook for the Online Herbal Course.

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"What a wonderful book, a jewel of originality among the plethora of herb books lining the book shelves."                      

Rosemary Gladstar - Herbalist, author and pioneer of the herbal movement. She has been called the 'Godmother of American Herbalism'


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