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The Healing Power of Trees - Online Workshop

Phyllis D. Light (Appalachian) and Don Ollsin (West Coast)

Learn more about these magic healers.

  • There is something truly both majestic and magical about trees.

  • Almost every traditional culture on every continent acknowledged and sought the healing power of trees.

  • In Southern Folk Medicine, the strongest medicine comes from plants with deep taproots and those are the trees.

  • In Shamanism we can learn to tap into these powerful medicine for healing and guidance.

Phyllis D. Light

Phyllis D. Light

A fourth generation Herbalist and Healer, Phyllis D. Light has studied and worked with herbs, foods and other healing techniques for over 30 years. Her studies in Traditional Southern Appalachian Folk Medicine began in the deep woods of North Alabama with lessons from her grandmother, whose herbal and healing knowledge had its roots in her Cree/Cherokee heritage. Phyllis’ studies continued as an apprentice with the late Tommie Bass, a nationally renowned folk herbalist from Sand Rock, Alabama, as well as other herbal Elders throughout the Appalachians and the Deep South.

Her well-established reputation and knowledgeable expertise has allowed Phyllis to travel far afield of her Southern Appalachian home, lecturing and teaching about herbs, integrative and complementary healthcare and traditional folk healing techniques. Consequently, she has taught and lectured at herb schools, universities, medical schools, hospitals and health conferences.......

Don Ollsin

Don Ollsin

Don Ollsin Shamanic Herbalist, RH (AHG), MA

A professional member of the American Herbalists Guild and one of fewer than 250 such practitioners nationwide whose education and clinical skills have been peer- reviewed by the American Herbalists Guild, so as to be granted the status of a "Registered Herbalist" (R.H.).

As a professional herbalist with a practical orientation, Don believes in seeing results. His knowledge of what works comes from his years of experience in treating the widest range of conditions amongst thousands of clients. In 1987, Don along with his partner Sandy began to offer an intensive herbal training program called the Herbal Healing Journey, and they also developed a home study program. Over the years they have created many herbal programs and Don has taught at many colleges and universities including: The University of British Columbia, The University of Victoria, Bastyr University, Langara College and Royal Roads University.

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