Free Herbal Consultations

Welcome to our Herbal Mentorship Collective. We are a group of students who are mentoring with Don Ollsin RH, AHG to develop our skills as practicing herbalists. To that end we are offering free Herbal Well-being Consultations that are supervised by Don Ollsin.

Master Herbalist, Don Ollsin is one of 250 herbalists registered with the American Herbalists Guild and one of only 20 professional members who offers mentoring services. He has been studying, practicing and teaching herbalism for almost five decades. He is a pioneer in the field of herbal medicine and was honoured in 2015 as an Herbal Elder of Canada by the Canadian Council of Herbalist Associations.

"We support the wellness of the individual and their environment with herbs, nutrition and a systems view of life including Shamanism, Ayurveda and Dreambody (Process Oriented Psychology).

We help individuals to see where and how their choices are supporting their well-being and how they can modify their choices to bring about a more balanced state.  

We do not diagnose or treat disease.  

We practice with the systems view of wellness, including input from the biomedical model if needed. Our goal is to help individuals, the environment, the social system and the spirit to heal."

Live Group Herbal Well-being Consultations:

We are offering free live group herbal consultations on every other Tuesday from 6:45 PM - 7:35 PM Pacific Time.

These consultations will be supervised by Don Ollsin and attended by all the mentees.

You will only be working directly with one mentee. Below are the dates with the mentee that will be conducting the consultation. We use Zoom to conduct our consultations. You will need a webcam and microphone and speaker plus good internet connection.

Individual Herbal Well-being Consultations:

During the booking you will be given the option to meet privately online with the mentee of your choosing. Their availability at this time is on their bios below.

Dates for consultations conducted by the following mentees:


We will be screening appointments to choose the appropriate clients for the best training for individual mentees. If you are not chosen for a group session you may have the option for a private session. All personal information will be kept private including clients name. There is a form to fill out and you will be also asked to fill out a Client Informed Consent Form if chosen.

Next available Dates: January 23, February 6 & 20, March 6 & 20.

Herbal Collective Mentees

Brittny Legere


My studies in herbal medicine began formally in 2013 with Don Ollsin's Herbal Healing Certificate Program in a personal attempt to find deeper healing and meaning in my own life. I was longing for a true sense of healing in body, mind and soul and had a sense of knowing that the plants could play a pivotal role in bringing harmony back into my life. My appreciation for nature was ignited, as I began to see the glimmers of wisdom and beauty reflected back to me from the plants themselves.

My personal journey of healing from my own health issues for almost a decade has played an important role in choosing to work with other people who are experiencing struggles with their own health. I have always been fascinated by the human body and its ability to heal itself, as well as with the role that a person can play in helping facilitate this process for another. As I walk the path of becoming a practitioner, I aspire to facilitate a compassionate environment to explore each person’s unique life situation, health needs and goals. Together we will create a wellness plan that is personalized and that fits your needs in this moment. I draw from my training in herbal medicine and Ayurvedic medicine as well as from my previous training in western medicine. With a holistic approach in mind, it is my personal belief that herbal medicine can be used alone and can also be used to compliment other systems of healing such as bodywork, lifestyle adjustments or pharmaceutical medicine. I’ve taken an interest over the years in areas such as women’s health and mental health as well as in chronic illness management.

Available: Wednesdays 10:00 AM (Pacific Time)

Anna Pea

Anna In the garden with Mr. Lake.jpg

This journey into plant medicine for me has been a journey of empowerment and activism.  It's been my experience that reconnecting with our ability to heal ourselves using our own power and the gifts of the earth can facilitate an intimate, dynamic relationship to our bodies, our health and our environment. 

My intrigue with plants and medicine began at a young age, always making "potions", smashing up leaves and berries, caring for the human, plant and animal beings around me. I feel the power of plant medicine goes beyond their physical actions to their vital essence, and connections they facilitate in our spiritual realm as well.

Moved by the increasing necessity to have agency over our food and medicine sources, I began to study with folk herbalists while working on a mountain farm in BC in 2006. I still feel passionate about farming as a way to connect with the earth, foods and medicines. I continued exploring the world of herbs with the Domininon Herbal College, years of self-study, a small business, ceremonies, symposia, workshops, and engaging directly with the plants. It's exciting now to work with Don and our mentorship group as we all bolster and deepen each others learning and growth as practitioners.

While caring deeply for the health and well-being of all people, I have a special passion for Women's health, particularly the childbearing years.  I work as a full spectrum doula and am currently building a photography business around life transitions including birth, death and gender transition.

Available: Thursdays 11:30 AM (Pacific Time)

Brooke Delves


"How have we become so separated from the natural world? How do we return to our own natural rhythms? How do we remember how to listen to the wisdom of our bodies?

I began my formal herbal education with Darcey Blue of 'Shamana Flora' in 2015 and went on to Study with Don Ollsin of 'Grassroots Revolutionary Herbalism' in 2016. I am now a part of Don Ollsin's 'Herbal Mentorship Collective' and focusing on further developing a Materia Medica and learning the art of the Herbal Consultation. I am currently Studying Leadership in the context of Deep Ecology and am passionate about growing and curating the finest quality of herbs. I use entirely organic methods and materials in my garden and apothecary and hope to integrate more biodynamic and permaculture practices in the future.

My intention is to support you in your process of nourishing your well being.

Herbalism offers us an invitation into that process. When we choose herbs as our medicine we become responsible for both sustaining our medicine and deepening our relationship to the plant world that sustains us. Herbal medicine can be a doorway into a greater understanding of how connected we really are.

Our bodies, like every thing, are in a constant relationship with our environments and all of the beings that we live alongside. The world itself dreams and we are a part of that dream.
What if our symptoms, our dreaming bodies, are powerful allies that can inform us of who we really are at the heart of our being and becoming? Our healing can then be a deepening into what it means to be truly alive."

Lauren Palsa RMT, RYT


I am an experienced practicing massage therapist, yoga instructor, and birth doula with a thriving small business in Willoughby Ohio.  Deeply connected to the land as the source of my own health and sense of wholeness I have begun to bring the plants to the people in my practice.  Often times by literally placing plants on the body! This powerful combination of bodywork and herbal allies have opened up vast opportunities for healing, learning, true enjoyment, and connection with source.  I am (and will always be) still learning the languages with which to facilitate collaboration between person and plant souls.  It’s an incredible honor and I am actively inviting in all those ready to work with me, both plant and people.  I hope you’ll join us!

Available: Thursdays 1:00 PM (Pacific Time)

Sam Ibrahim
I'm an aspiring healer in the wise woman tradition. In the wise woman tradition we nourish the whole person (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual). I completed Blazing Star Herbal beginner course and I'm currently in Gaia School of Healing as well as a Mentee in the Herbal Mentorship Collective (Grassroots Revolutionary Herbalism) after successfully completing the Herbal Healing Certificate Program.
Traditional Healer is someone who works with nature, plant spirits, living and dead, darkness as well as the light, we help guide them to a better lifestyle. In my healing I will be using shamanism to help bridge the gap between ourselves and nature and the part that is missing or scared, with that I will be working with plant spirits as well as Bach flower essences to help aid us in the healing process. Through my martial arts I have been adding Qi Chong to my healing practice by channeling the plant spirits. In my Kung Fu and Tai Chi we learn about softness and not forcing something but instead being flexible and adapting to the situation. From this I’m learning to give the client time to heal and open themselves up to the healing they need.

Available: Mondays 10:00 AM (Pacific Time)