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Five Steps To Using Herbs Energetically & Effectively

Due to the success of the last webinar we will be offering it again soon.

A new date and time will be announced and we will let you know!

In this free 60-minute webinar learn about the five steps to using herbs energetically & effectively through the balancing, nourishing wisdom of Ayurveda and the tri-dosha system.

During the webinar you will learn:

  • How to figure out your personal dosha (constitution)

  • The six qualities and five elements of Don's Tri-Dosha Chart

  • How the six elements and six tastes affect your dosha

  • How to balance your dosha by choosing the right herbs by taste

  • How to use herbs in the right amount, and proper preparation, at the right time

“The term yoga has many traditional meanings. In Ayurveda the medical science of India, yoga refers to the “right usage” and “right combination” of herbs. A special combination of substances designed to bring about specific affect up on the body or mind is thus called a “yoga.” Vasant Lad

"The profound healing wisdom of Ayurvedic  medicine originated in the ancient culture of India and is thought to be the oldest natural healing system, pre-dating even Chinese medicine. The word "Ayurveda" means "Knowledge of Life"  in Sanskrit.

Over five thousand years ago the ancient seers of India imparted to their disciples the truths they learned about the Universe while in a supramental state of meditation. This knowledge exists today in text written in Sanskrit, and contains the secrets of the interaction of body, mind and soul within the context of the fundamental elements of Nature and the Universe.  It is a practical,  all-encompassing science which embraces the whole person in relation to the outside world.

At the heart of Ayurvedic medicine is the concept that the elements are represented in the human body through Doshas  (pronounced Doe-sha). As you will see when you take the questionnaire that you will receive when you sign up that you are either a Vata, Pitta or Kapha  dosha (or a combination of any of these).  Respectively,  these  Sanskrit words mean Air, Fire and Water." from Pathways to Healing, a Guide to Herbs, Ayurveda, Dreambody and Shamanism by Don Ollsin

PS:  If you live in the Pacific Northwest, and are interested in my 5-month in-person Herbal Mentoring Program and want more information, then