Wild Herbs (Walk), Plant Attunements and the Extracellular Matrix (Environment of the cell) with Don Ollsin, Master Herbalist

Sorry but the workshop has been cancelled.

Next workshop August 19 & 20, 2017.

July 29 & 30, 2017, Pender Island, B.C

This is a new workshop that combines the healing power of wild herbs, plant attunement exercises and the extracellular matrix.

Come and spend a nourishing and informative weekend on Pender Island and study with a Master Herbalist. Enjoy a relaxing weekend away while meandering through the woods learning about the extracellular matrix and connecting with the healing herbs.

Spend an evening or two in one of our great campgrounds or book a private B&B. Pender is a beautiful island with 32 beach accesses and many walking trails. Come a few days early, or stay for a day or two afterwards to enjoy the island.

Wild Herbs:

Learn to identify and use the wild herbs found in the PNW especially in reference to the extracellular matrix.


Extracellular Matrix:

ground system regulation.jpg

It is the interface between the soul and the body. It is the mother and the home of all of our cells. It is the ground-regulating system of the body.

This workshop is to introduce you to Matrix physiology, the science of the environment of cells and structures. All body processes are dependent on matrix function and it is in the matrix that most disease processes begin. Matrix physiology examines the piezoelectric nature of collagen and its implications, the creation cycle of matrix cells, rhythm cycles in disease, the pathological implications of stagnation and the flow of nutrients and metabolic products through its space. The effects of trauma are seen as both local and systemic and the limitations of the regulation capacity of the matrix are shown to be the starting point of chronic disease.

This unique workshop explains the fascinating connections between blood, lymph, cellular nutrition and waste removal in the human body. Herbs and natural modalities facilitate the inter-cellular healing processes.

The study of matrix physiology forms the link between modern medical science and the humoral physiology of Galen, Hippocrates, and other traditional systems of healing like Ayurveda and TCM.

"Don is a positive, enthusiastic and energetic advocate of herbal healing, who lives his own beliefs and is an inspiration to many people including myself. His ongoing herbal healing programs are enjoyed and respected by all those who participate in them. He has been and continues to be a positive force in the lives of many people."  Nancy Turner – Ethnobotany Professor, University of Victoria


Attunement is the practice of training one's attention through specific instructions to access the sentient level of awareness which is a deeper level not ordinaryly available to most people.

All beings are relationally connected at the sentient level.  

Mystics and shamans develop this awareness, which allows them to communicate with all life at the sentient level.

You may be asking yourself, why do I need to practice attunement?  If you're not attracted to the idea of attunement then it is probably not for you and it is challenging to develop one's second attention and requires training and practice.  One needs to want something to persevere in the training.  It is a challenge that I have found rewards you on many levels.  For example, entering second attention often creates a joyful state.  I also find the devic realm joyful.

"Being a nature lover is one thing. Understanding the deeper connection between you and what you are looking at while in nature is another thing altogether.
This is what Don has helped me with, and I appreciate the passing of his knowledge immensely. I am very much looking forward to continuing my journey with him.    Ryan Totten

"I enjoyed the herb walk a lot, and it was everything I had hoped.  We got to know more plants than I had expected, and I'm glad we got information that is relevant to us locally, yet hard to find in books.  
I enjoyed tasting and using different plants on the spot.  The silent part of the walk was nice to learn to listen to our own feelings and observations before hearing from others.  It was great to learn from you and the land in person, and I'd like to do so again."   Tara

This workshop is suitable for beginners

and advanced students of the healing arts.

Dates: July 29 & 30, 2017
Time: Saturday 1 pm to 5 pm
Sunday: 11 am to 4 pm
Cost: $175.00 (no GST)

Participants are responsible for providing their own accommodations, transportation and food.

Participants must be in good enough physical condition to do a gentle 20-minute uphill hike.

There will be some home study on the extracellular matrix before the workshop begins.

Workshop is limited to 20 people, so sign-up early.

Cost:   $175.00 (no GST)


You do not need a paypal account to pay for the workshop. You can use your credit card.


Shingle Bay (Cannery Beach to the locals). Rustic but beautiful campground right on the ocean.

Shingle Bay campground reservations. The reservation site is a bit tricky to get to. Here is a direct link. The campground is a walk-in. It is a short, steep, 5-minute walk from the parking lot. You need to pack in your own water. Each camping spot is big enough for two tents and allows up to five people. The cost is $5.00 per night per site. It is 11 miles from Otter bay to the Shingle Bay parking lot.

Map to campground from ferry terminal:      link to reservations

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Prior Campground Campsite Reservations (Federal Gov't Campground close to Medicine Beach):  link to reservations

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Full refund up to 7 days before the workshop.