Online Herbal Education

Grassroots Herbalism is an online community of herbal students, founded by Don Ollsin, Master herbalist and educator since 1972. We offer online webinars for our community and online herbal courses for anyone interested in learning about herbs. We have a Medicine Making Course which introduces students to the art of medicine making. Our twelve week Online Herbal Course is an introduction to all of the healing modalities studied and taught by Don for almost five decades. We also offer graduates of this course entrance into our Mentorship Collective and Free Herbal Clinic. We believe in affordable, high quality education, and we believe the world needs more grassroots herbalists.



We host affordable, online webinars for our community. The focus of these webinars is herbalism, sustainability and environmental education. Webinars are taught by Don and guest teachers. 

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We offer a twelve-week online herbal course which covers a number of healing modalities and practices. We also offer shorter more specialized courses such as Ayurveda for yoga students and Medicine Making for anyone who loves herbs. 

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The collective is a group of herbalists who are passionate about pursuing a career in the healing arts. They are personally mentored by Don and they run a free herbal clinic. All mentees are graduates of our Online Herbal Course.