This * pilot entrance course introduces you to Herbs, Medicine Making, Herbal History, Botany, Paradigms, Learning Styles, Ayurveda, Dreambody, Extracellular Matrix & Wellness Consulting. It prepares you for entrance into the mentorship program if you so desire. There you will continue to learn and develop your herbal knowledge and skills.


A course is both a path and a serving as in first course. As a path my destinations (incremental) for you are:

  • a practicing herbalist, who uses Ayurveda, Dreambody and Shamanism to to complement their herbal work.

  • a professional herbalist. a professional is someone who gets paid for their herbal work.

  • a registered herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild (AHG) if you so desire.

The course is designed to be finished in 6 months. The cost is $97\month for 6 months plus GST.

I am well experienced with online teaching as both a student and a teacher.  In 2013, I completed an MA in Environmental Education and Communication that was done online with some short residencies. I did my master's thesis on transitioning my teachings to an online format.

You may be thinking that you are the only one who is nervous about experiencing technical, intellectual or emotional difficulties while learning online, but you’re not.

  Remember that all of us are relatively early adapters to online learning, so we are in this together.  Acknowledge yourself for having the courage to pioneer into new territory with a sense of curiosity and hopefully fun and remember I am here to help you.

The focus of this course is the knowledge of healing and the power of Nature to heal.

Herbalists have been around for thousands of years and we will be around for thousands of years to come.  A large percentage of the world's medicine is herbal, and most of the world’s populace still uses herbs as their main source of healing. 

The study of nature, her healing gifts that include herbs, minerals, flower essences, the elements, and more is fascinating and rewarding. 

The course is very practical, so what you learn will be applicable in your day-to-day life.  Plant medicine is of, and for the people and Nature’s gifts are available for free from our forests and our gardens.  They are living medicines that give of themselves continuously.  All the food that we eat was first adapted from a wild variety. 

I love plants and find great joy in meeting new plants and discovering what they have to offer our human family.  I hope you will too.  I very much look forward to sharing my knowledge with you.

If you enjoy this course you may want to pursue a career in herbalism and continue your herbal training by joining my mentorship program to become a registered professional herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild (AHG) once you graduate.


This is the first time that I am offering this course as a direct transition into my main mentorship program. Pilots are unique opportunities to help birth a new and hopefully improved way of doing something. It is more often then not beneficial to the students as they tend to get more personal attention from the teacher during a pilot.


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Throughout the course we will cover all aspects of herbs.

Medicine Making

Creating and using herbal medicines and remedies is an art that has to be learned from an expert teacher. Our herbal medicine-making course provides you with an opportunity to learn from an expert and teaches you the following skills:

Making herbal preparations such as –

  •    Tinctures

  •    Infusions

  •    Decoctions

  •    Oils

  •    Salves

  •    Poultices

  •    Syrups

  •    Homemade Kefir

  •    Smudges, etc.

We also cover

  •    Terminology associated with herbal medicine making

  •    Equipment required

  •    Proper drying, storing and use of herbs

  •    Correct application of herbal preparations

  •    Using a Menstruum Ratio Table to make tinctures

The course enables you to make your favorite herbal remedies that you can trust completely.

Herbal Gardens - Grow Your Own Natural Pharmacy

  • understand that you can often grow herbs even if you do not have a garden

  • begin creating your own healing garden

  • create a sense of security growing your own medicines

  • grow herbs that you can use for medicine

  • save money growing your own herbs

  • trust your medicines because you grew them

  • know which healing plants to grow

  • know which healing trees to grow

  • understand the healing properties of the herbs you grow

  • below is an excellent resource for herb seeds and plants

History and Politics of Herbalism (Roots)

During this module you will explore the rich, deep roots of Herbalism.

Living Medicine - Basic Botany & Plant Attunement

During this module you will learn the basics of the biology of plants.  We will also explore communicating with plants.

Metaphors, Paradigms and Learning Styles

During this module you will learn about the use of paradigms, metaphors, learning styles, flow & experiential elearning.  It is important for us to understand these. 

Paradigms: If we do not understand the paradigms that we are using and living, we are unaware how they shape our life.

Paradigms are only consensual reality constructs. They shape our thinking and perceptions.

Metaphors: Juggling balls as a life metaphor is very stressful compared to a life metaphor of a tree. 

Learning Styles: Knowledge of your learning styles may improve your learning and joy of learning. 

Flow: Awareness of our challenges and our skills to meet them is the essence of flow.  We set the bar. Too low and we are bored, too high and we are stressed.

ELT: Experiential elearning is the model that this program embraces.

Materia medica, Herbal Properties and Doshas (Constitutions)

During this module you will learn about materia medica. During this module you will also learn about the various properties of herbs. We will look at the Western language of herbs, in the sense of their properties. I have also added-in the doshas.


Ayurveda, the world’s first medical system, is a science which considers the relationship of body processes, the outside environment, diet and emotional health. Illness is seen as an "imbalance" which can be restored through natural treatment using meditation, herbs and cleansing.  Ayurvedic healing is an ancient, complex system of medicine.
The profound healing wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine originated in the ancient culture of India and is thought to be the oldest natural healing system, pre-dating even Chinese medicine. The word "Ayurveda" means "knowledge of life" in Sanskrit. Over five thousand years ago the ancient seers of India imparted to their disciples the truths they learned about the Universe while in a supramental state of meditation. This knowledge exists today in text written in Sanskrit, and contains the secrets of the interaction of body, mind and soul within the context of the fundamental elements of Nature and the Universe.  It is a practical, all-encompassing science which embraces the whole person in relation to the outside world.

Within their framework, the Seers recognized two main truths:

    1.    That everything that exists in the external universe has its counterpart in the internal universe of the human body.
    2.    That air, fire and water are the three elements most fundamental to life (here they took air to include air and ether, fire to include fire and water, and water to include water and earth.)

At the heart of Ayurvedic medicine is the concept that the elements are represented in the human body through Doshas(pronounced Doe-sha)  As you will see when you complete the questionnaire you are predominantly either a Vata, Pitta or Kapha dosha (or combination of any of these).  Respectively, the Sanskrit words Vata, Pitta and Kapha mean Air, Fire and Water.  Click on link below to begin discovering what your dosha is.



Along with the study of Ayurveda I also began studying the teachings of Dr. Arnold Mindell, originally called Dreambody (DB). Dreambody is now called Process Oriented Psychology (POP). Dr. Mindell is a Jungian psychologist and quantum physicist. DB is sometimes referred to as a daughter of Jungian psychology. By combining DB with Ayurveda I have designed learning experiences that move a student through the experience of the elements which also include the dreaming pathways (channels) of auditory, visual, feeling, movement, smell, relationship, community, environment and spirit from DB. This unique combining of systems may facilitate life changing moments in a student’s life. I offer this knowledge to help my reader understand the challenge and scope of my teaching. The goals of my curriculum are not so much breadth as depth or information as transformation. My first program was called the Healing Journey and my intention was to provide healing opportunities for my students. (Read more)