Lyme's Disease Webinar

Postponed until the Fall, 2017 tick season.

With the right tools, the right information and patience

Lyme can be overcome! This webinar is truly not to be missed!


  • Please join us for an exciting webinar on Lyme disease.

  • Learn what Lyme disease is.

  • How to navigate through all the protocols.

  • How to take the steps to heal yourself.

Who is the for.....

This webinar is for those who want to prevent Lyme, think they may have been bitten by a tick or are recently diagnosed (first stage).

Who this is not for....

Those who are suffering with Late Stage Lyme disease.

What we will cover.....

  • In this webinar you will learn:

  • Integrated healing within a system's approach to healing.

  • How to listen to your body, cues and signals.

  • What to take, how much and when.

  • You will also learn how to go through all those herbal products you have in the kitchen and see which ones will help you and how you can utilize them.

  • Learn how to help yourself and your clients through Lyme disease.

  • That there is more to Lyme disease than just Lyme!

  • Learn about intravenous therapies, herbs, detoxing and other therapies out there as well has inexpensive ways to assist your body detox and heal from Lyme disease.

Who we are...

This comprehensive webinar is hosted by Don Ollsin who is a well-known herbalist, teacher and mentor for over 40 years and founder of the Herbal Mentorship Collective & Grassroots Herbalism joined by Heather Sparks of Natural Pure Living who overcame late stage Lyme and is a practicing herbalist and teacher who specializes in Lyme and who is presently mentoring with Don to broaden her practice