What Will I Learn?

You will:

  • learn over 15 herbal preparations including tinctures, infusions, decoctions, oils, salves, poultices, food, smudges, syrups more
  • learn the terminology used in herbal medicine making
  • develop the skill of medicine making through applied knowledge
  • learn to make home made kefir and create healthy herbal kefir drinks that are easiliy assimilable
  • learn how to apply herbal preperations externally
  • know what equipment is needed and how to use it
  • choose when to use an infusion over a decoction based on the herb being used
  • create your own medicine cabinet filled with medicines you have created
  • create a sense of security creating your own medicines, ones you created
  • how to dry herbs and store them
  • save money by making your own herbal products
  • transform dried and fresh herbs into easy to use preparations for ingesting and apllying externally
  • trust what is in your medicines as you made them
  • use a menstrum ratio table and be able to make over 100 herbs into tinctures