Hello, I am Hawthorn

Hello, I am HAWTHORN, 

(Crataegus oxyacantha or laevigata, 2-seeded, Crataegus monogyna 1-seeded or Crateagus douglasiior columbiana, 3 or more seeds). 

I am a heart restorative. 

I expand the coronary arteries, relieve cramping, relax your nervous system, and relax you when you are stressed.

I help remove excessive water and dissolve cholesterol.

I can increase blood flow through your heart, strengthening your heart muscle without increasing beats or pressure.  

I also enhance your exercise duration. 

I am used in England and Europe for:




fatty degeneration, 

enlarged heart, 

alcoholic heart, 

risk of infarction, 


mild to moderate hypertension. 

I am usually the first herb that Don introduces his students to because heart disease is still one of the most troublesome body problems in our culture.


Ixodes scapularis deer tick.jpg

Hello, I am Deer Tick,

I belong to the order Ixodida. I am from the family Ixodes scapularis.

I have been around for about 145 millions years with most of my evolution and dispersal happening in the last 65 to 5 million years. So because I will not be going anywhere soon you should get to know me, especially if you like to go out into nature—-whether into the woods or your local city park.

I live all over the world thanks to migratory birds who I hop onto for a ride. They carry us everywhere they fly.

For us to thrive we need a dense population of hosts like deer and enough humidity for us to remain hydrated. I live for two years and I lay anywhere from 200 to 2000 eggs each spring. I am also very hardy.

I am the family you want to get to know (Ixodes scapularis). I am commonly known as the deer tick or black-legged tick and I can carry and transmit lyme disease. You do not want to get lyme disease as it is nasty, so prevention is better than cure.

It is much wiser for you to wear protective clothing in areas I am known to exist, and then remove all your clothes afterwards and preferably throw them in a hot dryer. Then check yourself very carefully for me as I can be as small as a poppy seed. And, if you find me crawling on you, remove me. If I am already embedded in your skin, then you need to remove me. It’s best to keep a living sample of me to get tested for lyme disease. Throw in a bit of grass to help keep me alive. 

I tell you this as I do not want to give you a disease. I am only doing what I am designed to do, which is suck blood. I am sorry that some of us do carry disease. If you do get bitten remove us within 24 hours.
To remove me use thin nosed tweezers and grab me as close to my head as you can and pull me straight out. Afterwards, wash the affected area with soap and water, or disinfect it with rubbing alcohol. Don suggests applying propolis tincture to the wound right after removal.

Sorry that I may spoil some of your joy of spending time in nature. That is why I am reaching out to you. I only infect a very small percentage of the people I bite, but that is still too much suffering, so please be mindful of my presence and tell your friends about me, too.




Hi, I am Valerian,

I belong to the family Caprifoliaceae. My genus is Valeriana.  My latin name is Valeriana officinalis.

I am an ancestral herb for many people. Don in researching his Nordic ancestors found that they often used me. As did the Greeks, Romans and Brits. He takes comfort knowing that his Viking ancestors also enjoyed my soothing qualities.

I am easily grown but you may need to protect me from cats as they love me as much as Catnip.

You can remove my beautiful flowers throughout the summer to decorate your home as that will be encouraging more of my root growth.

Most herbalists use my root, many preferring the fresh root for tincturing. Don harvests ½ of my roots one year and then the other half the next year. Dividing them with his shovel. When we are loved and appreciated by Don we do not mind being used. He often talks to us and tells us that he will be harvesting us for medicine. He also says thanks and gives an offering when he harvests us.

Many people suffer from insomnia. I am great for many sleep disorders and I have been tested many times on my effectiveness and I am happy to say that I passed, phew. I help many people to fall asleep, while others I help to stay asleep. I encourage a deeper and more restful sleep. I seldom cause morning grogginess and I am safe to use.

I have also been used successfully for anxiety. A big concern these days, even among teenagers.

Combined with my friend Johnny’s flowers (St Johnswort) we help with the blues. We make great garden companions with my wispy white flowers and Johnny’s bright yellow flowers.

I am a popular herb and readily available in many retail outlets and online. Don encourages his friends to try me earlier in the day the first time they use me as in the occasion case I cause wakefulness.

Sourdough Rye Bread

This bread turned out amazing.  Baking bread is both an art and a science so it takes a little practice and paying attention to get it to come out how you desire it.


1/2 cup rye flour

1 cup of water

Mixed together in a glass container and cover with a paper towel and put somewhere warm for three days. I use the top of the fridge.  Refrigerate after.

Rye Sour Leaven: 

1 and 1/2 cups of rye flour

1 cup of water

1/2 cup of starter

I mix them in a bowl big enough to add the flour after for making the bread. Mix together ingredients, cover with a cloth towel and put in a warm place for eight hours. I did mine overnight. 

Rye Bread: 

3 cups of sour leaven (which you just made) 

1 1/2 cups of water

2 to 3 cups of rye flour (you want a gooyey thick dough)

1 tsp sea salt

Mix all together and leave for 1 to 2 hours. I covered with a towel and put on top of my fridge.

Get the four 3 x 6 x 3“ baking pan‘s and coat well with oil.

Fill the four pans with the dough after mixing it for a while.

I feel the next step is the most important.  Put in a warm place to rise them. I put them in a pyrex casserole dish with some water in it and then covered it with another casserole pan and covered that with a towel on top of our warmer on the stove.

Important: Because this is sourdough and rye flour I let them rise for about 12 hours (overnight)

When ready, preheat oven to 450° preferably with a pizza stone.

I then placed the casserole pan with the 4 Bread pans (some water in casserole pan) directly into the oven on top of the pizza stone and baked for one hour.   You may want to cover with tinfoil for the first 40 minutes if you do not want to hard of a top crust. I did not do this and the crust was fine especially after storing it in a container. A little crunchy before storing.

Let cool on cooling racks and when ready, slice and enjoy. 






Deep Nourishment


Deep Nourishment

Last night I had a nourishing dream.

I dreamt that the herbs and foods I was eating were deeply nourishing and healing. That they had set up a healing pattern or process in my body. I could feel them working.

The two foods I remember from the dream were home made coconut yogurt (link) made with Dr. Ohira’s  probiotics and reishi mushroom.

Which deeply nourishing foods did you include in your diet this week?

How are those foods nourishing for you?




So many signals.

How can I process them all?

What are they saying?

Who is saying it?

How much am I missing?

Will it make a difference if I receive or miss some signals?

What determines my reception of signals?

The power of perception.

Perception colors what we percieve.

Nonflickering signals are sensory grounded. I experience them with my senses.

They are steady enough for me to read them. I read them as dreams, body symptoms, relationship difficulties or persistent moods. I can explore them. I can unfold them into Consensual Reality or I can enfold them into their essence.

Flickering signals are flirts that flicker at the edges of my perception. What is the energy of this before it becomes manifest? I sense something but it is fleeting. I need a different level of awareness to percieve them. I need to relax my focus and open it to the field instead of the phenomena. They barely reach the threshold of sensory awareness. The are challenging to translate into words. I can catch them easier with movement. They take me back into the dreaming out of the dream. They take me back into the river away from the bank. They reintroduce flow into my life. They sometimes heal and transform without verbal understanding. They work at a very deep level. Deeper then most people want to go. I love the depth. I love the dreaming. I love the river. We sometimes refer to them as presignals. What was the nonflickering signal before it became a steady signal? We tend to favor the solid world thinking that it is real. I suggest that you stay away from quantum physics or your sense of a solid realty may dissolve. It may feel less secure. Open yourself to the wisdom of insecurity. How much has your life changed in the last 5 years or even the last year?

We can use signals as stepping stones to Consensual Reality or back into the dreaming. Both directions may be enjoyable and entertaining. I feel the inward journey to the sentient is more powerful and transformative.


In Dreaming While Awake, Arnold Mindell defines lucidity as awareness of sentient experience, which precedes everything you think, see, hear and do.  When you are lucid, you sense tendencies as well as actualities.  Lucidity is a detached, diffuse state of mind that is essential for working with sentience.  It is adept at catching the merest suggestions of experience.  Consciousness involves writing or knowing the notes of a song, while lucidity is awareness of the feeling background that gave rise to the song. Mindell also refers to lucidity as "cloudedness" to emphasize its loose, relaxed, not knowing quality.  Like peripheral vision, is not focused on any one object or point of reference.  It does not involve working or searching for meaning: nor does it try to achieve, understand or clarify.


Blood type diet

A student asked if I have ever tried the blood type diet and what I thought about it?

I have never tried the blood type diet.

I am not big on any fixed diet as I follow the dreaming.

I do enjoy exploring what different experts say and maybe picking up some awareness that I may be lacking and possibly trying a change and seeing what kind of feedback my body gives me.

I intuitively feel that a diet that harmonizes with our prakruti (inherent nature) and our vikruti (our developed nature dancing to the day, season, weather and place) is helpful.

Lastly I feel there is something to eating foods that run in our ancestral blood. Maybe that is where the blood type comes in.

Believing in a systems approach to all aspects of wellness, our diet is related to everything else in our life, our relationships, culture, food production, ecology, spirit etc so I do not think there is an easy answer or one diet that fits all.

Tao and Dharma

Recently we hosted Arnie Lade one of the co- authors of Tao and Dharma a wonderful book about Ayurveda and TCM. It was co-written by Robbie Svaboda. This is a recording of the Q and A session. It is the first author speaking about their book to our book club that we started in Grassroots Herbalism Community. 

There are a lot of gems in the talk.

My favorite was his explanation of Prakruti, our inherent constitution and Vikruti, our constitution in the present moment. 

Probably not that valuable to watch if you have no understanding of at least one of the energetic systems of Ayurveda or TCM. I love the book and I totally enjoyed the talk. You could also buy the book, read it and then watch the video. 


Book link.


Hi, I am Yarrow

Hi, I am YARROW,


I belong to the family Asteraceae. My genus is Achillia and my species is A. Millefolium.

Millefolium means thousand leaved.

In the Middle Ages, yarrow was part of a herbal mixture known as gruit used in the flavoring of beer prior to the use of hops. In Sweden I am called “field hop” and I have been used in the manufacture of beer. Linnaeus considered beer brewed from me more intoxicating than those brewed with hops. Don can attest to this.

Yarrow stalks were traditionally used for casting the I-Ching.

A number of years ago Don shared beer made from my leaves with his friend Holger (who had crafted the beer) while they casted the I-Ching with my stalks.

One of my common names is Woundwort. Wort means herb. I was carried by warriors and applied to wounds to staunch the bleeding and sterilize the wound.

I have been known to stop bleeding, both internally and externally and I can reduce excessive menstrual flow.

I am helpful for cramping and may help ease menstrual cramps.

I am one of Don’s go to herbs for fever (hot people, hot conditions - Pitta). I prevent the body temperature from rising too high while allowing the fever to run its course.

Since I am good for violent bruises, cuts and bleeding I come in handy when your body may be a bit battered from an accident. Don recommends a warm bath with me to heal your wounds and calm your spirit

Besides being helpful for fever I also am a good anti-viral and useful during colds & flus, especially when accompanied by a fever.

Moderate antibacterial activity has been documented for a tincture of me against Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtillus, Mycobacterium smegmatis, Escherichia coli, Shigella sonnei and Shigella flexnii.

As a woman’s medicine I regulate heavy or congested periods. I have been used for uterine fibroids which TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) considers stagnant blood. I am also helpful for varicose veins. For both of those conditions I am used in a sitz bath. Don’s study of the extracellular matrix validates that many herbs are more effective if used externally at the same time that they are being administered internally.

My flowers produce the dark, blue, essential oil, azulene, which is generally used as an anti-inflammatory, or a chest rubs for colds and influenza. This is the same essential oil found in chamomile.

Most herbalists, including Don, prefer the use of my flowers. My fresh or dried flowers easily surrender their healing properties to hot water and my taste, though slightly bitter, is pleasant to some.