Herbs for my Day

These are the herbs that I use in my daily practice. I use different herbs to help me feel awake and in touch with my emotions, nourished from the inside out, and finally, I use specific herbs to help me get to sleep. I like to make herbs a part of my daily ritual. Which herbs do you use in your daily practice?

Psyche's View on Anxiety and Depression

I want to talk about anxiety and depression from psyche's point of view. Two healing awareness systems that I want to talk about are exploring edges from process oriented psychology and challenges and skills from the flow paradigm. I'll explain the theory behind both systems. Theory is limited and to understand them you will need to experiment with them. To achieve full benefit you need to internalize them. That means that you apply the theory when you feel anxious or depressed. I will explain them one at a time.

Integrated Healing: A Systems View of Life.

Integrated systems consist of networks within networks. The four dimensions are all important and they also interact with each other. For example, if the social dimension is stressed by an unhealthy relationship like excessive unkind criticism, then that will negatively impact the cognitive (psyche), which will impact the biological (soma). There is always a psychic somatic connection.

From Seed to Plant: A Plant-Attunement Experiment

Some of the most amazing things I have done studying herbalism, motivated through Don's teachings, are the plant attunements. Connecting with plants on a spiritual level is something that touches me deeply and it encourages a deeper learning. Combining this direct experience with the traditional learning about the agents and effects of a plant is perfect to get an idea about the plant's actual strength and it's personality as a helper in healing.

Life Direction, Process Work & The Bach Flower Remedies

You wake up in the morning. You probably have a number of issues or problems that want your attention but today is Monday morning and the big issue in your life is life direction relative to your career or work. Some part of you, which we are calling little u, is restless and unhappy and wants a career change. That pressure to make a change we will call x. So let’s write out the formula and begin an exercise to see if we can create some kind of shift.