Herbal Mentor

If you want to learn herbs, find a mentor.

The one thing I wish I had done earlier in my career was to find a reliable, knowledgeable mentor at the very start of my herbal studies, almost 50 years ago. They could have saved me thousands of dollars and vast amounts of time. Don Ollsin

Learning herbs need not be hard, boring, lonely, scary, or complicated. Being mentored makes it exciting, gets you there faster and easier, keeps you focused on your goal and helps you achieve it. Find a mentor.

Traditionally, herbal knowledge has been transmitted orally from teacher to student. A seasoned mature mentor transmits much of his\her wisdom through direct contact. I offer personalized one-on-one sessions with each mentee, as well as group work.

Only when you seriously and consistently apply yourself to your herbal studies will you become a professional herbalist. A mentor can help keep you on task. You are not going to advance much in your herbal studies or practice without a mentor and positive group support.

A mentor will get to know you and your goals and offer clear guidance on how you can grow into the kind of herbalist you want to be.

Don Ollsin, Herbal Mentor

Don Ollsin, Herbal Mentor

We all go through tough personal issues from time to time. A mentor will be there to comfort you when needed or give you encouragement, motivation and challenge when that is what is needed.

A mentor will not only show you what to learn, they will also help you learn how to learn. We are not taught how to learn in school. I have found learning how to learn to be one of the most rewarding pursuits of my life and I love sharing it with my mentees. A mentor can make learning fun and rewarding. Learning herbs can be rewarding, profitable, healing and enriching.

A seasoned mentor knows the ins and outs of the professional and personal herbal terrains and can help you find opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

A mentor will guide you to the resources that you didn't or wouldn't even know existed like books, trustworthy websites and important teachers.

A mentor can save you a lot of time and money by keeping you focused on your goals while using your life as your training ground.

We need a whole new generation of herbalists because:

  • Herbs are very important, medicinally, culturally and socioeconomically.

  • Herbs heal gently and powerfully. 

  • Herbs are beautiful and inspiring.

  • Herbs are a necessary and important part of our healthcare.

  • Herbs are safe, available and can be cultivated or wild-crafted.

Herbs are medicine for the people. They cannot be patented and owned by corporations. Herbs are grassroots medicine and we need grassroots herbalists, professionally trained to do herbal wellness consultations and become recognized as members of the American Herbalists Guild, in order to continue this vital tradition.

Be a part of keeping herbalism alive.

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