Life Direction, Process Work & The Bach Flower Remedies

Life Direction and the Dance of the Ancient One by Don Ollsin

How wild oats can move you to dance.

You doubt that this job is the right or best direction for you.

 It only takes ¼ inch in the right direction to feel better.

Pick any issue or problem and we will call that “x”. Think about what part of you is most bothered by that issue or problem. Let’s call that part your little “u," as part of the u + x formula. Do you feel like you are back in school? You could say u + x = your experience of duality. What part of you is beyond duality? We will call that your big U. So “x” is the issue or problem and “u” is the part most bothered by x.

Following is a scenario to illustrate the formula. You wake up in the morning. You probably have a number of issues or problems that want your attention but today is Monday morning and the big issue in your life is life direction relative to your career or work. Some part of you, which we are calling little u, is restless and unhappy and wants a career change. That pressure to make a change we will call x. So let’s write out the formula and begin an exercise to see if we can create some kind of shift.

u = part of you that is restless and unhappy and thinks\feels that she wants or needs a change around work.

x = thought, feeling, experience that is telling u that you need a new life direction. This message is disturbing to your every day (consensual) reality that needs to get ready and go to work today.

You doubt that this job is the right or best direction for you. A class you attended recently on the Bach Flowers, a system that uses flower essences to work with difficult emotions, has recently amplified this issue of life direction. You chose Wild Oat, a vibrational remedy that is used for people who are suffering because they are unhappy with their life direction and the conflict is not allowing them to fully attend to the present. You also chose to apply the flower essence to the “gate of life” acupuncture point. “This site warms the waters of your destiny.” So the remedy worked and it amplified the issue. Now you are in this u + x process. The remedy has amplified the x part and u is seriously considering a change. u is wrestling with the change (x) and wondering if you want or need to make a major change in your consensual reality like quitting your job. That is a bit edgy. Or maybe you want to try an inner shift of attitude and re-framing the issue while possibly going down to part-time work, of if possible to develop other work.

So u + x = what? Let’s find out. We will go deeper into the energies of u and x.

Think about u and make some kind of movement with your hand to represent that energy. Next make a quick drawing of the energy. Do the same with x.

Now enters the dance of the ancient one. Many of us find her in nature. So in your imagination take yourself to one of your favorite spots on Earth. Once you are there, find something in the environment that represents the energy of u and something that represents x.

If I were doing this exercise I would transport myself to Oak Bluffs.

The u would be represented by the small Quaking Aspen growing near the cliff edge. The x would be a strong wind blowing in off the ocean and shaking the Aspen. Now become the place and allow yourself to move between u and x, allowing the u and x to express themselves through your body. Start moving your hands and let them lead you in the dance. As you move, imagine yourself drifting up into space and allow the space to continue moving you. Allow it to move you unpredictably, until this dance gives you insight into how u + x are part of this oneness dance.

Now, you may want to look down on u and x and give them some advice. As I look down, I would tell x to blow harder and I would tell u to dance more ecstatically in the force of x. To be moved and caressed by the wind, what a blessing to have some energy motivating you to move, dance and create.

Make a change. Any change. You will know if it is in the right direction. It only takes ¼ inch in the right direction to feel better.

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