From Seed to Plant: A Plant-Attunement Experiment

From seed to plant - A plant-attunement-experiment

Plant attunement with tiny seedlings that grow into little plants

"Some of the most amazing things I have done studying herbalism, motivated through Don's teachings, are the plant attunements. Connecting with plants on a spiritual level is something that touches me deeply and it encourages a deeper learning. Combining this direct experience with the traditional learning about the agents and effects of a plant is perfect to get an idea about the plant's actual strength and it's personality as a helper in healing.

This way of connection feels very natural to me and since I love to tune into plants I decided to do an experiment in which to go a level deeper: The work with growing seedlings. So, after always attuning into grown plants, flowers and trees, I started to plant seeds for all kinds of plants - from kitchen herbs and healing plants to spiritual allies in the plant kingdom - to see how and when I would be able to tune into them.

Already during the process of planting I focused my attention to the seeds and they seemed quite alive already. It was like a far away humming sound. - Very real but yet not really tangible. It felt very nourishing to provide these seeds with the soil and water they needed in order to start growing into their voices and I was humming their silent songs while planting.

After only two days the first little seedlings started to show their little heads und I could feel the energy rise immensely during those first days. Some of these seeds literally couldn´t wait to shoot up and look around to see which other plant-faces are looking out of the nearby pots. 

By far the most eager to grow out of the earth was Red Clover, which for me was especially interesting as it is rich in minerals, works as a blood purifier, is a strengthening tonic and can also be used with children. This is even more fascinating to me as I am currently expecting a baby and the Red Clover surely wants to make sure it is fully grown by the time this little one looks around for the first time.

Over the next three weeks almost all the seeds were growing up into little plants, some fast, others a little slower. And each of the little plants had it´s own very unique feel and personality. As the plants got stronger day by day, their energy fields also expanded and while at first you had to step close to the pots to feel them stir, a few weeks later the room was - on an energetic level - filled with the chatter and songs of fresh little plants that can´t wait to grow fully into their nourishing and healing abilities."