Hello, I am Hawthorn

Hello, I am HAWTHORN, 

(Crataegus oxyacantha or laevigata, 2-seeded, Crataegus monogyna 1-seeded or Crateagus douglasiior columbiana, 3 or more seeds). 

I am a heart restorative. 

I expand the coronary arteries, relieve cramping, relax your nervous system, and relax you when you are stressed.

I help remove excessive water and dissolve cholesterol.

I can increase blood flow through your heart, strengthening your heart muscle without increasing beats or pressure.  

I also enhance your exercise duration. 

I am used in England and Europe for:




fatty degeneration, 

enlarged heart, 

alcoholic heart, 

risk of infarction, 


mild to moderate hypertension. 

I am usually the first herb that Don introduces his students to because heart disease is still one of the most troublesome body problems in our culture.