Open Focus Attention

Attention is the outer expression of the soul.

Attention is what connects us with the other.

There are four kinds of attention:

  1. Narrow

  2. Focused

  3. Diffused

  4. Broad

Narrow focused attention is sympathetic dominant.

Broad diffused attention is parasympathetic dominant.

That means, that when we are in a narrow focused attention mode we are on ready alert. This is valuable for short periods of time. It is not the most desirable state for thinking and learning. Nor is it the most enjoyable. It is also taxing on our physiology.

In the more relaxed broad diffused mode also known as open focus, we are in an alpha brain wave mode. We tend to think more clearly, as well as enjoying a greater sense of pleasure.

For those of you who are curious, adventurous and love to learn through experience, I am including a link to the open focus meditation.

If you find that is the right cup of tea for you, I recommend reading the book Open Focus Brain by Les Fehmi and Jim Robbins

Link to Open Focus Meditation. Click here!

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