Hi, I am Feverfew but I prefer the name Midsummer Daisy,


I belong to the Asteraceae (Compositae) family. My genus is Tanacetum. My species is T. parthenium.

Don has witnessed some amazing results after recommending me to migraine sufferers. I reduce excess heat (inflammation) from the head. My combination of bitter and pungent tastes means that as my bitter compounds reduce the heat, my pungent oils release the heat, excreting it through your skin.

Don encourages migraine sufferers to figure out why they are generating so much heat and make some gentle lifestyles changes in order to cool down. That way, not all the pressure is put on me to fix the excess heat. Figure out what is causing the inflammation and do your best to deal with it.

A wealth of scientific evidence shows that I am an effective treatment and prophylactic (preventative) for migraine headaches. You may need to use me daily over a period of 4 to 6 months for my full impact. Some people just chew a couple of my leaves daily, while others use about 1 ml of a tincture made from my upper part (fresh is preferable). Some people are allergic to my fresh leaves and may experience skin irritation or mouth ulcers, but this is more of a contact allergy.

My healing properties are relaxant, anti-inflammatory, vasodilator, digestive bitter and emmenagogue. Click here to see how I work with inflammatory pathways in the body.

Historically, I was used for intestinal parasites, anaemia, insect bites, irregular menses, stomach aches, and as an abortifacient. So pregnant women should not use me.

In TCM I am primarily used to circulate uterine qi and harmonize menstruation. I also clear damp cold and relieve pain.

Today I am used for preventing and treating migraine, initial inflammatory stages of arthritis, rheumatic diseases, allergies, congestive dysmenorrhoea, vertigo, and tinnitus.

I have shown no severe side effects over a 6-year period of long time users.

I even have a book written just about me. Feverfew, Your Headache May be Over by Ken Hancock. In the book he has many testimonials of my effectiveness.

I am easy to grow so consider adding me to your garden. I must warn you that I do not like pots so please put me in the ground. I am a perennial and self sow, so I will be around for a long time once I am established in about two years. If you want to use me sooner then purchase me as a larger plant.