I am Vervain,

Vervain “Herb of Grace”

Vervain “Herb of Grace”

I belong to the family Verbenaceae. My genus is Verbena. I am the species V. officinalis.

Don loves to tell the story about a client who was excitedly waiting at his office door.

“Don, I have some incredible news to share with you. Yesterday I was standing in my garden when the most beautiful thing happened to me. All of a sudden, I caught up with myself. My future self and my present self merged. I have been chasing myself for over 20 years and I finally caught up. It was the most joyful feeling.”

Dr. Bach prescribed me to those people who are always one step ahead of themselves. Before they have finished what they are working on, or experiencing they are already thinking and fantasizing about the next thing. He even discovered a Vervain type of person who typified this energy. Dr. Bach made a flower essence out of me to aid these people in living more fully in the present. He found that by constantly living in the future they were missing out on the joys right in front of them. This caused problems in their work and relationships. For Don’s client, it was a profound experience catching up to himself.

Most herbalists classify me as a nervine, which means I impact the nervous system.

As a nervine herbalists use me for:

  • Nervous tension - I am a sedative as well as nerve restorative

  • Exhaustion, especially from excessive worry or mental overwhelm

  • Anxiety - Don tells me that anxiety is rampant today. He is sad that more people do not take advantage of healing herbs like me to help modulate their suffering. After 50 years of practice he affirms that herbs work.

  • Headaches connected to congested gall bladder or liver

  • PMS - try a cup of my nourishing tea or drops of my tincture in water

  • Insomnia, especially when connected to nervous exhaustion

Sometimes you need to use me for awhile before you begin receiving my full benefits. I am gentle but effective. Don likes to share this anecdote from another teacher of his, the late Dr. Jensen, nutritionalist:

“I had a client come to me last week and tell me that he had a salad last week and it didn’t do a thing for him.”

Since my taste is bitter it stands to reason that I would be good for the digestive system according to Ayurveda. And Western herbal medicine has found me helpful for indigestion, lack of hunger and liver congestion.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine):

  • I release constraint and relieve pain which helps with nervous tension, stress, fatigue and insomnia

  • I promote urination, clearing toxicosis and edema

  • I can get your menses flowing

  • For nervous depression I work well with St Johnswort

  • For irritability you can use me with Skullcap - Don posted a blog about Skullcap

  • I stimulate your immunity

You can understand why the wise women of Europe consider me a magical herb.

Remember that one cup is probably not going to make much of a change, but one or two cups a day (or tincture 3xday) for 3 to 6 months probably will.