The Shaman's Fungus

Hi, I am the Shaman's Fungus (Reishi - Gandoderma lucidum and applanatum),

Don loves me and uses me to bridge soma and psyche. He ingests my powder extract in kefir before his morning mediation.

I balance many of the systems in his body.

I am sought out for my ability to increase longevity.

The monks of the east would cross the Pacifiv Ocean in 200 BC to come to the ancient forests on the West Coast of BC to search for me. They would find me and drinking tea made from me spend their days in meditation.

I am Wei Qi which means I have protective energy. I protect the extracellular matrix and the vessels of the body.

I awaken the immune system.

I calm the heart. I am good for deficient Qi in the blood.

Don encountered so many overactive sympathetic nervous systems early in his practice when he used iridology (science of reading the iris of the eye). I calm the sympathetic nervous sytem and awaken the parasympathetic nervous sytem, much needed in these stressful times.

By inhibiting histamine release I reduce the severity of many allergies.

As mentioned earlier, I was sought out for longevity. In the west they like to call it anti-aging. Don calls it "aging with grace". I do this because of my strong anti-oxidant properties.

Last but not least I protect and regenerate the liver.

So the next time you are in the forest, look for me growing on dead or dying trees. In the PNW I am called "the artists conk" as you can use a stick to draw on the underside of me.

Get to know me. I am important medicine.