Tao and Dharma

Recently we hosted Arnie Lade one of the co- authors of Tao and Dharma a wonderful book about Ayurveda and TCM. It was co-written by Robbie Svaboda. This is a recording of the Q and A session. It is the first author speaking about their book to our book club that we started in Grassroots Herbalism Community. 

There are a lot of gems in the talk.

My favorite was his explanation of Prakruti, our inherent constitution and Vikruti, our constitution in the present moment. 

Probably not that valuable to watch if you have no understanding of at least one of the energetic systems of Ayurveda or TCM. I love the book and I totally enjoyed the talk. You could also buy the book, read it and then watch the video. 


Book link.