So many signals.

How can I process them all?

What are they saying?

Who is saying it?

How much am I missing?

Will it make a difference if I receive or miss some signals?

What determines my reception of signals?

The power of perception.

Perception colors what we percieve.

Nonflickering signals are sensory grounded. I experience them with my senses.

They are steady enough for me to read them. I read them as dreams, body symptoms, relationship difficulties or persistent moods. I can explore them. I can unfold them into Consensual Reality or I can enfold them into their essence.

Flickering signals are flirts that flicker at the edges of my perception. What is the energy of this before it becomes manifest? I sense something but it is fleeting. I need a different level of awareness to percieve them. I need to relax my focus and open it to the field instead of the phenomena. They barely reach the threshold of sensory awareness. The are challenging to translate into words. I can catch them easier with movement. They take me back into the dreaming out of the dream. They take me back into the river away from the bank. They reintroduce flow into my life. They sometimes heal and transform without verbal understanding. They work at a very deep level. Deeper then most people want to go. I love the depth. I love the dreaming. I love the river. We sometimes refer to them as presignals. What was the nonflickering signal before it became a steady signal? We tend to favor the solid world thinking that it is real. I suggest that you stay away from quantum physics or your sense of a solid realty may dissolve. It may feel less secure. Open yourself to the wisdom of insecurity. How much has your life changed in the last 5 years or even the last year?

We can use signals as stepping stones to Consensual Reality or back into the dreaming. Both directions may be enjoyable and entertaining. I feel the inward journey to the sentient is more powerful and transformative.


In Dreaming While Awake, Arnold Mindell defines lucidity as awareness of sentient experience, which precedes everything you think, see, hear and do.  When you are lucid, you sense tendencies as well as actualities.  Lucidity is a detached, diffuse state of mind that is essential for working with sentience.  It is adept at catching the merest suggestions of experience.  Consciousness involves writing or knowing the notes of a song, while lucidity is awareness of the feeling background that gave rise to the song. Mindell also refers to lucidity as "cloudedness" to emphasize its loose, relaxed, not knowing quality.  Like peripheral vision, is not focused on any one object or point of reference.  It does not involve working or searching for meaning: nor does it try to achieve, understand or clarify.