Norma Myers - Mohawk Medicine Woman

norma myers and students.jpg

Norma Myers was a Mohawk medicine woman who was married to a Coast Salish man. They lived in Alert Bay, British Columbia.

She was an amazing herbalist and introduced many budding herbalists, including myself, to the rich world of local herbs.

Just recently, a man contacted me who saw Norma in 1980 at a workshop and she gave him a formula for drug detoxification that worked like magic for him. Norma attracted people from all over North America, who would come and live with her as they went through her treatment.

She was an eccentric and colourful personality. Her car was always full of herbs sticking out the back window that she had harvested. Her and her dog, Jake, often stayed at our home.

She also hosted many herbal gatherings that furthered the spread of herbalism in the Pacific Northwest. I am pretty certain that it was through Norma that I met Dr. John Christopher. She was a true pioneer and it was a privilege to know and learn from her. – Don Ollsin