Hi, I am Alder - Alnus rubra


Hi, I am ALDER,

My latin name is Alnus rubra.

I am a fast growing deciduous tree. I grow every where. My bark is a bitter stomach tonic.

I stimulate your digestion, ease your muscle cramps\spasms and strengthen your skeleton.

Sophie Thomas, a Dakelh (Carrier) elder from the Saik'uz village, near Vanderhoof just past Prince George, uses my bark for cancer.

I was introduced to Don in 1970 by one of his first herbal teachers, Norma Meyers.  She showed Don how I can be a very uplifting tree when he was feeling down. Find out for yourself, just rest your back against my trunk, close your eyes and let my strength and spirit seep into you. 

I am strong powerful medicine and my bark is bitter. Use me with respect and caution. I am not in meant for continual use.