Hi, I am Kelp


Hi, I am Kelp, 

I belong to the order of Laminariales, my genus is Nereocystis (Mermaid’s Bladder) and my species is N. luetkeana. 

My common names include edible kelp, bull kelp, bullwhip kelp, ribbon kelp, giant kelp.

I contain ninety-two different nutritional elements. 

I contain more minerals than land plants (our land minerals are being carried to the sea by our poor treatment of our soil).

My leaves' mineral content is 25-50% and they contain all necessary trace elements.

Any salt or salty taste that comes from my dried leaves is predominantly potassium, rather than sodium, making me a good source of potassium. 

I am a rich source of natural iodine. It is difficult to get too much iodine from my natural form but this could be an issue with supplements. 

Regular ingestion of me provides energy and endurance.  

Some of people who use me find I help relieve nervous tension. I am particularly good for the dosha Vata (Ayurveda).  

Another benefit I offer is to pull excess radiation out of the body and to protect against the same.  

I am soothing to the whole gastro-intestinal tract.  

You can use 1/2 - 1 tsp., 1-3 x day of my ground powder, with meals.

Don adds about 1/2 teaspoon of my powder to his daily kefir\yogurt drink.

The leaves from one large kelp plant, when dried and powdered, will fill a small container 3 inches around and 2 inches deep. That is what Don and Sandy ended up with after drying and powdering their last harvest. I go a long ways—-that will last them about one year.

Caution: Insist on the highest quality of me harvested ethically from clean seas.  

If you want to buy some great kelp or learn more about me and my relatives, visit Don’s dear friend, Ryan Drum aka Fucus Man at his web site.