Harmony, Balance and a Bit of Yogurt

One of the many ways herbs can nourish, heal and protect our bodies is through food. Creating a simple meal or snack for yourself, including your favorite herbs, can bring about much change in how you feel in your body, emotionally and physically. 

Probiotics for the gut, hawthorn for the heart, kelp for the thyroid, cayenne for the circulation and reishi for the stresses of life all sing a song of harmony and balance. Try this recipe to support your body: 

1/2 Cup Yogurt Blend
-2/3 Kefir
-1/3 Dr. Ohirra Coconut Yogurt (see post)

1/4 TSP Reishi Extract
1/4 TSP Kelp Powder
Dash of Cayenne
1 TSP Hawthorn Tincture (Optional) 

Whisk together all ingredients and enjoy as a breakfast meal or midday snack. You can apply this recipe to many of the herbs you take as part of your daily regimen. Feel free to experiment and explore the herbs that work best for your body.