Angelica - Angelica Archangelica



My latin name is Angelica Archangelic.

You can use my seeds for acid indigestion, nausea & to promote sweating.

My root is good for spasmodic cough, intestinal & menstrual cramps including PMS.

I am a circulatory stimulant.

You may have heard of my cousin Dong Quia from China. You can find her in many of the herb shops in China town.

I am heating by nature so be aware of my use if you regularly have a heavy flow or you are just hot all the time.

I am aromatic and pungent so if you are cold and suffer from indigestion, menstrual cramps or scanty periods then I may be the herb for you.

I am a friend of the aged.

I create a distaste for alcohol.

Caution: Slice root to exam for chambering effect, discarding any plants that display chambering. In Alaska Angelica has been known to hybridise with Poison Hemlock. Use dried roots only for tea. Avoid during pregnancy.