Blood type diet

A student asked if I have ever tried the blood type diet and what I thought about it?

I have never tried the blood type diet.

I am not big on any fixed diet as I follow the dreaming.

I do enjoy exploring what different experts say and maybe picking up some awareness that I may be lacking and possibly trying a change and seeing what kind of feedback my body gives me.

I intuitively feel that a diet that harmonizes with our prakruti (inherent nature) and our vikruti (our developed nature dancing to the day, season, weather and place) is helpful.

Lastly I feel there is something to eating foods that run in our ancestral blood. Maybe that is where the blood type comes in.

Believing in a systems approach to all aspects of wellness, our diet is related to everything else in our life, our relationships, culture, food production, ecology, spirit etc so I do not think there is an easy answer or one diet that fits all.