Mentoring with an Herbal Elder

“Information is cheap, true education comes at a premium”.

I am an herbal elder. I have been studying, teaching, wild crafting, medicine making, healing, consulting, herbal politicking, running clinic, dispensary and retail outlets for 45 years, since 1970.

I recently completed a Masters degree in Environmental Education and Communication to help serve my students and the planet better. I have also trained with Indian mystics and Native elders. I teach modern and traditional system of healing. I no longer see a fragmented disassociated body or world. Physiologically, I no longer see the body as separate systems. I see it as a matrix, the extracellular matrix. I see the earth, water, sun and sky as sentient beings and all the other forms such as rocks, plants, animals and humans as sentient. I teach and practice “sentient openness”. At the sentient level, deep transformative healing is possible and probable.

I see herbs as my friends and companions, not as biochemical factories here to serve me. Herbs can heal you just by being in their presence alone, without ingesting them. I teach my students to find their allies. When we visit the ginkgo tree, I remind my students that six ginkgo trees survived the epicenter of the atomic bomb at Hiroshima and they are still alive today. I teach and show my students the beauty of nature. Herbs are light eaters and heal through the transmission of light.

Herbal Elder Certificate.jpeg


I wish to share my teachings, traditional, like grassroots herbalism, shamanism and Ayurveda as well as modern, like the extracellular matrix, the zero point field and the biology of perception. I will provide a training blueprint based on my text book Pathways to Healing, a Guide to Herbs, Ayurveda, Dreambody and Shamanism by Don Ollsin. I can speed your journey of learning by guiding you to the right sources for each level of learning. I will also mentor those students who wish to become “professional herbalists” through the educational guidelines of the American Herbalist Guild (AHG).

Being an elder I can provide and or/guide you to the knowledge that you need to become a proficient healer. I want to train as many young herbalists as I can and get those that want to be recognized as professional herbalists accepted by the AHG. I support and believe in the AHG and I was part of the original crew of herbalists who dreamed up an organization like the AHG at Breitenbush Hot springs so many years ago.

I am a professional member of The American Herbalists Guild and one of fewer than 250 of such practitioners nationwide whose education and clinical skills have been peer reviewed by the American Herbalists Guild so as to be granted the status of a "registered herbalist" (R.H.). 

It takes a lot more than information to empower someone to do something they don't already know how to do, even if they understand the concepts, that doesn’t mean they have the ability to apply them or to achieve the outcomes they care about. This is education not just information. I accept the responsibility to do everything I can to support my students. If you do the work, you will become a professional herbalist. Information is cheap, true education comes at a premium. When you make an investment it signals to yourself that you are serious and most people need help to learn and succeed.

We will focus on learning goals you care about achieving.  “The average tutored (mentored) student was above 98% of students who are not tutored.” Bloom

Mentoring provides the magic of individual support and guidance that distinguishes information from education in the first place. Together we will establish checkpoints to measure how you are reaching your goals through regular check-ins both in our group and individual check-ins.