Herbal Ally 

  • An ally is much greater than a drug.

  • An Ally is a friend and a power. She can come to your rescue on many levels. She can comfort you at one time and then turn around and challenge you the next time.

  • Plants are living beings with incredible power and personalities. They want to make contact with people. Most of them are inclusive and want to include us in their lives.

  • Without plants we wouldn't be breathing or eating.

  • Herbalism is a living art. The art of living.

  • The main focus of using the plants is nourishment. Eat your weeds!

  • Healing is what you do between illness events. Eat your weeds!

from: Pathways to Healing, a Guide to Herbs, Ayurveda, Dreambody and Shamanism by Don Ollsin

Below is an amazing video on Ginkgo. It was given to me on DVD years ago by a student. The DVD is damaged and I was only able to capture the first 21 minutes but they are worth watching.


A.  AWARENESS EXERCISE:  Remember openness, gratitude, curiosity, stillness, non-grasping and allowing a dreamy state of mind enhances these exercises immensely.

Flirts from the environment: in the native tradition, this is God

1.   Be aware. 

2.  Notice what flirts with you during the walk (a sound, a change in light, an interesting plant, shape, creature, a strong smell, a change in your mood or a change in the environment).

3.  These are ‘dream doorways’.  Take a few moments to explore what energy may be behind them.  Allow your intuition to guide you.  This is the beginning of dreaming into the essence or spirit of Nature.

4.   Take notes of your experiences or unfold them as outlined in the following exercise.


B.  ATTUNEMENT EXERCISE (simple version):

1.     Choose a plant. 

2.    Communicate to the plant (either out loud or silently) what your intention is.

3.    Spend a little time observing the water, rock or tree (look, smell, touch & listen).

4.     Become quiet & still.  Close your eyes if you wish (this often helps).  Purposely tune into the plant by focusing all your attention on it.  You may ask a question of the plant or wait to see if it wants to give you a message unasked.  The message may come in the form of a thought, vision, feeling, a movement in your body or a synchronicity in the environment, (a bird lands close by, for example).

5.     When complete, come out of your attunement and record your experience in words, pictures or whatever.  It is important that you do this part of the exercise. The more fully you unfold the experience, the more information and energy you will get from this form of dreaming and better able to manifest it in consensual reality.


C.  ATTUNEMENT EXERCISE (expanded version):

1.       Repeat the first 3 steps in exercise B, then do the following.

2.      To change your consciousness before making contact, do the following

i.        Remember an experience that evoked blissful and elevated feelings.

ii.       Remember a beautiful scene that you witnessed in the past (from the outer or inner realm).

iii.      Think of those who love you unconditionally.  Recall how good it feels to be in their presence.

iv.       Merge all three in your heart and mind and let them permeate you.

3.        In this heightened state of consciousness, merge your energies with the plant’s core essence\energy. Take your time to commune with this energy. Open yourself up to it. Allow its energy to fully merge with yours. If you want you may ask a question or not. Quietly listen, going deeper & deeper in to what may be there for you.

4.        Repeat step 5 from exercise B.

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