Intercultural Shamanism Workshop

Plant - Spirit - Medicine

June 22 & 23, 2019, Pender Island, B.C

“Just writing to tell you what an amazing experience I had at the Intercultural Shamanic workshop you and Sandy held on Pender Island this past June, 2017. I am definitely coming back for as many of these workshops as you care to put on. My relationship with rocks will never be the same! Keep up the good work. I will be telling anyone I know about this class so they can also attend.”  Diane B.

Why would you want to participate in this workshop?
•    To deepen your connection to Nature.
•    To learn more about plant attunements and how to work with seasonal energies.
•    To connect with Nature and meet like-minded people in this world of Internet loneliness.
•    To investigate your own cultural, shamanic roots.
•    To visit a beautiful island in the coastal Salish Sea, nourish yourself in Nature, and experience deep healing.

Why are we teaching this workshop?
•    We want to honour our teacher, Ellen White.  With her blessing, we will share some of her deep wisdom and teachings, which included multiculturalism and a direct connection to Nature.
•    We want to keep these teachings alive.
•    We want to wake people up to the fact that all cultures have shamanic roots.
•    We love to teach together, which we have been doing for over 30 years.
•    In our interconnected/internet world things seem to be becoming more shallow in some ways, so we would like to offer an opportunity to do deep work.
•    We are devotees of deep ecology and following the dreamingbody.
•    We practice integrated herbalism within living systems.

Why this particular focus, now?
•    To explore and deepen our roots to our own traditional culture(s).
•    To deepen and understand our connection to place/environment.
•    To experience healing and guidance by connecting with the spirits that inhabit plants, trees, elemental energies and place.
•    It is important now, more than ever, to learn the skills needed to deepen our personal well-being and the health of the planet.
•    As elders it is important to keep passing this knowledge on.

Will the workshop be serious or fun?
•    We like to call it deep fun. Most participants experience great joy in (re-)connecting with nature in this way.
•    Sometimes serious issues can emerge in us while doing deep inner work in Nature and the facilitators provide a safe container to heal or begin the healing process.
•    We encourage creative expression through numerous exercises.

How do I know if this workshop is for me?
•    Have you had any strong dreams, relationship issues, health concerns, or spiritual callings lately?
•    Do you see plants, trees, and all of nature as sentient being(s) that live, breathe and communicate?
•    Do you like the idea that plants may have information for us?
•    Do you feel a deep love of Mother Nature and want to learn how to deepen and re-enchant your love and connection with her?
•    Do you feel the need to bathe yourself deeply in Nature to nourish and replenish your body and spirit?
•    If you already use herbs for healing, do you believe they possess more than just a source of naturally-occurring beneficial chemicals?
•    Do you believe imagination and intuition can be just as, or more powerful than rational thinking to solve many of our personal, relational and world problems?
•    Are you (still) connected to your inner child, or want to be?
•    Do you believe in the unseen world as much as the seen world?
•    If still in doubt, then ask a favorite tree or plant for guidance about attending.

Why are Don and Sandy qualified to teach this workshop?
•    First and foremost, Don and Sandy are life-long learners --- they are also long-time healers, herbalists, consultants and educators who have trained with native Elder, Dr. Ellen White, O.B.C. & O.O.C for over 30 years.
•    They have also trained with Dorothy McLean from Findhorn.
•    They have studied directly with, and extensively practice the work of, Arnold Mindell---author of Dreambody work and founder of the Process Oriented Psychology Institute in Portand, Oregon.
•    Don and Sandy have worked with healing plants for decades while raising their family.  Don created, and together they ran Self Heal Herbs, a well-known herbal dispensary in Victoria, B.C. (founded in 1976, and still in operation today), and have co-created and served on numerous herbal association as board members over the years.  
•    They have counseled countless clients and taught hundreds of students through their program called The Healing Journey.
•    They developed and facilitated a 6-month long series of Shamanic weekend workshops, as well as teaching many other related classes and workshops both privately and through universities & colleges.


Sandy is an ethnographer, writer and death researcher who holds a MA in Intercultural & Int’l Communication, and specializes in working with people in liminal/altered states of consciousness.  She has spent the last 20 years working in the field of death and dying.  She spent years at Victoria Hospice doing advanced spiritual care and bereavement support.  She also became a sought after funeral celebrant, conducting over 200 personalized end-of-life ceremonies.

Don is a respected online mentor and teacher, and professional member of the American Herbalists’ Guild.  He is the author of “Herbal Healing Journey: A Guide to Herbs, Ayurveda, Dreambody and Shamanism”.  He was recently honoured as an Herbal Elder of Canada by his peers.  He holds a MA in Environmental Education and Communication, and specializes in experiential learning (online and in-person) which focuses on the Systems View of life.

Cost: $195.00 (plus GST)

You do not need a paypal account to pay for the workshop. You can use your credit card.

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Shingle Bay (Cannery Beach to the locals).

Shingle Bay campground reservations. The reservation site is a bit tricky to get to. Here is a direct link. The campground is a walk in. It is a short steep 5 minute walk from parking lot. You need to pack in water. A beautiful campground with its own beach. The camping spots are each big enough for 2 tents and allow up to 5 people. The cost is $5.00 per night per site. It is 11 miles from Otter bay to parking lot.

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