What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is probably the oldest profession on the planet. Shamanism is more of a training than a study. Yes, it can be studied but to understand it, you have to experience it. I have been blessed with training from living shamans embedded in ancient traditions that have survived into the modern world. Shamanism is a sacred art practiced in sacred time. True practitioners say little but demand much. Their teachings are about experiencing other states of consciousness that are often considered fantasy by the uninitiated. This is sacred ground and I tread lightly but I feel that it is vital to my curriculum. I am initiated and my healing and learning has been greatly shaped by my teachers and their teachings.

Do you have a spirit animal?

A spirit animal is one that has come to you in a dream.

Do you want to talk to trees?

We have lost the knowledge of the past when talking to trees, elements, or animals was common.

Why study shamanism?

 Shamanism is the oldest healing system on the planet. The tools you will learn will deepen your experience of life. Sometimes life changing experiences can happen through going deeper into them through the practices of shamanism.