Herb Walk at Beautiful McKenzie Bight

June 7th (11:00 am - 2 pm).

Cost: $47.00

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This knowledge is truly rare, unique because it is an oral tradition carried from my teachers to you. Much of it is not in books.

“The recipient of Don Ollsin's teachings would have a better life as they would understand their inner strength. He would not only be teaching them herbs and their usefulness but also about inner strength, energy, and being a whole human." Elder Ellen White

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If you also know a friend who is interested and might benefit from learning to identify and use local wild foods & herbs from a proven authority, please let them know.

"I enjoyed the McKenzie Bight herb walk a lot, and it was everything I had hoped. We got to know more plants than I had expected, and I'm glad we got information that is relevant to us locally, yet hard to find in books. It's a beautiful place, even with intermittent rain. I enjoyed tasting and using different plants on the spot, and having an infusion of one. The silent part of the walk was nice to learn to listen to our own feelings and observations before hearing from others. It was great to learn from you and the land in person, and I'd like to do so again." Tara May, 2014 McKenzie Bight Herb Walk

Once again, thank you for supporting Local Business & Grassroots Herbalism as we work together to develop and sustain healthy communities and a healthy environment

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